Blending Art and Passion | A Candid Interview with Iman and Myeisha of Sis4ers Makeup Artistry

Blending Art and Passion | A Candid Interview with Iman and Myeisha of Sis4ers Makeup Artistry

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the inspiring journey of Iman and Myeisha, the dynamic duo behind Sis4ers, a renowned makeup artistry brand. Hailing from the vibrant city of Dubai, these sisters have carved a unique niche in the beauty industry with their distinctive approach to makeup. Their story is not just about cosmetics; it's about passion, collaboration, and the art of enhancing natural beauty. Join us as we explore their inspirations, challenges, and aspirations in the ever-evolving world of makeup artistry…


Inspiration to Pursue Makeup Artistry:

Our mother has always been our inspiration. Growing up, we were always inspired by her daily routine of styling herself and her sense of glamour. As kids, we loved playing and exploring her makeup kit, and as we got older, we emulated her practices, eventually acquiring our own makeup collections. We then received a lot of requests from our friends to do their makeup, and it was through these requests that we recognized our talent, prompting us to transition our hobby into a professional career. My sister and I made the collective decision to work together due to our distinct individual strengths and specializations within the realm of makeup artistry. Myeisha possesses exceptional talent in eye makeup and artistic expression, while I, Iman, have specialized expertise in skin and contouring techniques. Recognizing the unique skills each of us brings to the table, we united our strengths to merge our expertise. Our collaboration ensures that our clients receive a comprehensive and well-rounded service, where the fusion of our specialties ensures an exceptional and holistic makeup experience for everyone we work with.

 "Working with Cardi B on 'Bodak Yellow'... served as a pivotal moment in our careers, significantly expanding our reach... The doors it opened continue to shape our careers positively."

Distinct Makeup Artistry Style of Sis4ers:

Our approach to makeup artistry is characterized by a timeless aesthetic that transcends fleeting trends. At Sis4ers, we prioritize creating looks that stand the test of time, allowing our clients to cherish their appearance in photographs for years to come. Our distinctive style focuses on enhancing the innate beauty of our clients rather than imposing drastic transformations. We take pride in our ability to accentuate natural features, adhering to a classic and enduring aesthetic as our signature touch.


Memorable Experience Impacting Their Careers:

We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Cardi B on the music video for her groundbreaking single 'Bodak Yellow,' which has garnered over 1 billion views on YouTube. Working alongside her was an incredible experience, and she gave generous praise for our work. This project served as a pivotal moment in our careers, as it significantly expanded our reach, attracting a diverse clientele both in the United States and internationally. The impact of this experience remains palpable even today, as people consistently inquire about our time working with Cardi B. We hold fond memories of that project, and the doors it opened continue to shape our careers positively.

"Our approach... is characterized by a timeless aesthetic... focusing on enhancing the innate beauty of our clients rather than imposing drastic transformations."

Working as Sisters in a Creative Field:

Collaborating as sisters in a creative field indeed offers a unique dynamic. Our partnership thrives on the synergy of our individual strengths and distinct styles in makeup artistry. Myeisha and I have contrasting personalities and makeup styles, which remarkably complement one another, allowing us to strike a perfect balance. In the realm of makeup artistry, Myeisha thrives on daring and creative approaches, while I tend to embrace a more simplified aesthetic. When it comes to our personalities, Myeisha embodies a laid-back and calm demeanor, while I am inclined towards taking charge and being hands-on. Our partnership thrives on this harmonious contrast. We consistently meet in the middle, leveraging our differences to complement each other. Myeisha's creative daringness balances my inclination towards simplicity, while her calm disposition aligns with my proactive nature. Together, this complementary dynamic not only enriches our collaborative efforts but also fosters a cohesive and well-rounded approach to our work at Sis4ers.


Biggest Challenges Faced in the Makeup Industry:

We've encountered various challenges in our journey within the makeup industry, notably in navigating the diverse range of personalities and emotions we encounter while working with numerous clients. Managing individuals' emotions, especially in cases where there have been prior unfavorable experiences with other makeup artists, can sometimes present hurdles. However, our primary focus has always been on building trust and establishing clear communication with our clients. Our approach involves diligently understanding their preferences and ensuring a comfortable atmosphere during the makeup sessions. We prioritize maintaining a positive and patient demeanor. Upholding our professionalism is paramount, and we take immense pride in our commitment to creating a reassuring and professional environment that fosters trust and satisfaction for our clients.

"Managing individuals' emotions... can sometimes present hurdles. Our primary focus has always been on building trust and establishing clear communication with our clients."

Influence of Dubai on Their Makeup Artistry:

We consider ourselves fortunate to have been born and raised in Dubai, surrounded by an environment that exudes beauty, grace, and elegance. The city is home to a diverse and stunning array of women whose sophistication and poise serve as a continual source of inspiration for us. Our upbringing in Dubai has greatly influenced our approach to makeup artistry. Interacting with the local community, a significant portion of our clientele, has been invaluable. We have learned a great deal from these remarkable women, drawing insights from their refined and graceful demeanor. Their influence has enriched our understanding of elegance and sophistication, guiding our approach to makeup artistry to reflect the beauty and poise that characterize the women of Dubai.*

Essential Qualities for Success in Makeup Artistry:

One of the pivotal qualities for a successful makeup artist is maintaining a positive attitude. Fostering a great atmosphere during appointments and demonstrating the ability to troubleshoot when challenges arise are crucial. Clients often experience a range of emotions, from excitement for special occasions to stress due to unforeseen circumstances. It's imperative to uphold a cheerful and patient attitude throughout. Regarding essential skills, I would say consistency is very important. Remaining dedicated to continuous learning, consistent practice, and persistent efforts in marketing and business promotion are key. Embracing a mindset of perpetual growth, persistence, and resilience, regardless of obstacles encountered, is fundamental to thriving in this field. Makeup trends and techniques evolve, and staying on top means continuously learning and practicing. Being open to new ideas, always seeking improvement, and dedicating time to perfecting your craft is extremely important.

"Collaborating as sisters in a creative field offers a unique dynamic... Myeisha's creative daringness balances my inclination towards simplicity.

Current Trends and Incorporation in Their Work:

Although our approach leans away from following trends extensively, one aspect that particularly excites us is the growing inclination towards a more natural look in makeup. Embracing this trend aligns well with our philosophy that less is indeed more in makeup application. We strongly believe in accentuating one's natural features rather than masking them with heavy layers of makeup. The shift towards a more natural aesthetic resonates with our style, and we enthusiastically incorporate this trend into our work by focusing on enhancing and highlighting our clients' inherent beauty in a subtle and organic manner.


Advice for Aspiring Makeup Artists:

My advice to aspiring makeup artists aiming to establish themselves in the industry is to prioritize delivering exceptional service as a foundation. It's vital to focus on consistently providing top-notch service, as this encourages repeat business and referrals. When clients return and recommend your work to others, it's a testament to your success and the quality of service you offer. In the initial stages, don't hesitate to proactively reach out to others and offer your services. Personally, when we started, I would directly message notable personalities and celebrities that were in town, offering my services. Remaining humble and embracing every opportunity to promote yourself is crucial.

"Our longstanding goal has been to launch our own makeup line... We're thrilled and confident that our products will resonate well and be loved by all."

Future Goals and Projects for Sis4ers:

 Our longstanding goal has been to launch our own makeup line. We've been diligently working on this project, and although we faced a setback before, we're now gearing up for an even more refined and successful launch. The positive feedback from our clients, who’ve experienced our products first hand, has fueled our excitement. We're thrilled and confident that our products will resonate well and be loved by all.


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