Rapid Fire With Junaid Khan

Rapid Fire With Junaid Khan
In our August issue we met the multi-talented actor, Junaid Khan who is loved for all his good qualities in his hometown Lahore. As usual, we played a quick round of rapid fire with him.

Three favourite items in your closet?
Cellphone, shades, shoes.

Favourite health food?
Cottage cheese

One hashtag that describes you best?
Live and let live.

If you were an emoji, which one would you be?
The smiley face with the black glasses on!

One happy moment you will cherish forever.
The birth of my son.

Favourite ‘90s jam?
‘Killing in the Name’ — by Rage Against the Machine.

Three favourite ‘80s songs/ bands/singers?
Metallica, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams.

One temptation you wish you could resist.
My love for sweets! But sadly I have had to resist.

One fashion trend you don’t like.
There’s nothing that I don’t like.

A risk that you took that paid off recently.
I took a decision to watch Wrestle Mania live.

Your pet peeve?
When a person tries to become something they’re not.

Your life’s mantra?
Live and let live.

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