Revival Of Pakistani Pop: Komal Rizvi’s New Song ‘Yeh Kya Huwa’ For #CornettoPopRockSeason 2

Revival Of Pakistani Pop: Komal Rizvi’s New Song ‘Yeh Kya Huwa’ For #CornettoPopRockSeason 2
What was once a buzzing and dynamic music industry in Pakistan is now slowly declining. Whether it be due to consumer tastes that have suddenly changed or because artists that have lost the connection with their fans, owing to the decline of gigs and public concerts. However, one thing is for sure that the country has abundant of talent and when it comes to a platform that is genuinely dedicated to reviving that talent through a pop rock scene in Pakistan, such as Cornetto Pop Rock, it surely deserves to be highlighted.

The prime reason Cornetto Pop Rock was welcomed by artists and public alike was its attempt at reviving a culture that had disappeared over the years. Therefore, Cornetto Pop Rock should not just be recognised for the star power, or the stellar online presence but how it managed to engage the youth of today that looks elsewhere for inspiration and made them sing along to popular music from their own country.

After delivering a successful inaugural season, Cornetto is thrilled to ring in the new season, Cornetto Pop Rock 2 with yet another upbeat track Yeh Kya Huwa by the renowned pop icon and international super star Komal Rizvi. The music video has been directed by Wajahat Rauf who has two blockbuster films under his belt and is choreographed by the talented Wahab Shab.

Komal Rizvi's duet with Q from Josh, Desan Da Raja from Cornetto Pop Rock instantly became a hit on social media, garnering millions of views to become the fourth most watched video on YouTube and also bagged a Google Award showing that our youth has found a connection with this music. Thus, only proving that when given the right quality of content and right platform, our music industry has the potential to take over playlists that are dominated by music from across the globe. And her solo this season around brings the same happy vibe that is signature Cornetto.

The video for the light yet energetic and catchy song includes clips from the classic Chitta Kukkar Banere Te, giving a fresh take on the traditional. The music video is based on youngsters having a great time with Komal Rizvi, as they all dance to the beat of the song.

From the lyrics of the song, to the beat and direction of the video; each element that has been put together manages to acquire the attention of youngsters as they can relate to it. This song surely has the potential of becoming an anthem for the youth and adults alike. Be it because it is a refreshing twist to the traditional wedding song that every household reverberated at some family wedding evoking a gush of nostalgia or the upbeat tune that makes you bob your head each time you pump up the volume.

Hear it straight from Komal Rizvi, who shares her experience of being a part of the grand platform, #CornettoPopRock2:

“I’m so excited this season! The success of Desan Da Raja inspired me to make this song. I have written this song aiming it to be simple and fun that puts on a smile on faces and then throw in a classic nostalgic tune in a contemporary fashion. It was so much fun working on this song and I hope people enjoy it as much as I loved the process.”

Mr. Wahab Shah added,

Yeh Kya Huwa is a true party anthem with amazing recall value! It’s so catchy anyone can dance to it. It’s a perfect song to play during traffic jams to lighten the mood!”

Wajahat Rauf commented on the music video,

“It was a pleasure working on the #CornettoPopRock2 music video for the reason that the songs were exceptionally good! And it’s always fun to work with a youth brand that brings with it a lot of energy!”

See the video for yourself,