Simple tips to lose all that extra weight this Ramadan!

Simple tips to lose all that extra weight this Ramadan!

 If you have been struggling with that extra weight, Ramadan is the best time to lose it all. With just these minor tweaks in your deal routine, you can easily get that perfect lean figure before Eid!

Credits: Wajiha Abdul Samad

1) Skip the parathas and switch to overnight oats with strawberries, nuts and chia seeds.
This quick yet delicious will keep you stomach cool and full through out the day.


2) Walk for 30 mins during your fast (preferably an hour before iftar).
The science behind this is that during fasting, your body is low glucose so it would have no other choice but to target and use all the stored fats to replenish all the energy you consumed during your work out.


3) Break your fast with one date, one apple and lots of water.
Your digestive system is at a break so after this small boost of food, give it another 30 mins to get working.


4) After 30 mins, have a high carb meal such as a grilled chicken sandwich, daal with brown rice etc. 

5) Later at night, have a low carb meal to keep your metabolism running.

These tried and tested tips will put you on the right track but only if you don’t leg those fried delicacies sway you away from your goal. 



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