Momina Mustehsan Gives Elitist Hater A Shut Up Call On Twitter

Momina Mustehsan Gives Elitist Hater A Shut Up Call On Twitter
It's fun stalking celebrities, judging them and later having tea-time discussions about them. However, it is just wrong when the harmless critisism becomes a personal offense or attack, whether it goes unnoticed or is called out upon. Recently, the Coke Studio sensation Momina Mustehsan was a target of cyber bullying and what is surprising here is not that she was attacked on her looks but later her physical appearance was compared to that of a 'maid.' An elitist comment like that surely deserved a shut up call and so she did and hats off to her for being so vocal, no doubt she is making her voice heard!

Earlier yesterday, somebody made an attempt of cyber bullying on Momina Mustehsan’s Twitter profile, by commenting and saying that she looks like a maid. Not only did Momina do a great job at shutting this man down, by replying that there is absolutely nothing wrong in looking like a maid, but she also challenges and re-defines the concept of beauty. How does your profession, class or social status decide how beautiful you are?

I agree with Momina in this essence. Being called a maid is deemed an insult in this country and even oversees. But why? Who says a maid cannot be beautiful.

In this day and age, our social media defines our concept of beauty and sets the precedent for what beauty is. Beauty to me is respect that somebody works hard for a living. Whether it may be being a celebrity actress on the cover of a magazine or a maid sweeping floors at people’s houses, these women all work hard to earn to a living and that is beautiful in its truest form.

So here is a note to all those who use the word “maid” as an insult- It’s actually a compliment because it shows  a strong, independent woman, who is working to support herself and her household. It shows courage, strength and determination. It shows character; that nothing is beneath you. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and you can’t define the word beautiful.