Commemorating the Tenth Anniversary

Commemorating the Tenth Anniversary

Magazines are a staple in every parlor and waiting room. Flipping through pages and pages in boredom for sheer amusement as we wait for our appointments. While there are many magazines we read daily, there are some we get hooked on. Hello! In Pakistan, it is a magazine that we get hooked on. As we look at our success, let's go back in time; back to the beginning.

Hello! Pakistan started its journey in 2012. A decade ago! We entered the country with a bang. With the sole goal of showcasing the glamour and culture of our country. HELLO! made its grand entrance with a showstopping four-day fashion show and soon enough hit the racks. Within a short period, the magazine had not only become a hit, but it had also become a favourite amongst the youth, celebrities, and critics alike.

Hello! entered the market to be different. In 2012, there were many other shiny pages to flip through, but none talked about the third runners, they only talked about the front runners. They never talked about the ones that made their trends and chose to do things the way they liked. Instead, they talked only about the stars on top of the social pyramid.

Pakistan has a rich culture, glimmering stars, a rising literary scene, and a beautiful art scene. The only wise thing to do is to showcase it, and that is exactly what Hello! did. We showcased not just celebrities but also people who did good things. We showcased the hidden gems of our society, whether they were writers or artists. Since 2012, we have covered many faces, some more memorable than others, yet they will always be printed on our pages.

Hello! Pakistan made a splash in the media industry because it fought for what it believed. Throughout the years, through every hardship and problem, we were able to come back stronger. Time passed faster than we thought, and here we are celebrating a decade of the magazine. We are celebrating a decade of our achievements, failures, and all our shining moments.

As time has passed by now, HELLO! Pakistan has thousands of readers throughout Pakistan, 1.6 million followers on Instagram, and a loyal fanbase. In recent years, we have covered everything from emerging voices to upcoming music stars. We have shared the stories of celebrities and athletes alike. We have made it our goal to put a spotlight on everything from achievements to memes.

Media is still an ever-evolving industry. As time moves, we plan to move with it, still giving you the content you love us for. As for HELLO! Pakistan, we chose to be an outlet for the underdogs and we will continue to do so. Cheers to celebrating our beginning and a warm welcome to everything that is to come next.