Emraan Rajput’s Latest Fast Fashion Milestone. 

Emraan Rajput’s Latest Fast Fashion Milestone. 

Menswear virtuoso Emraan Rajput has always been known for being a tastemaker. His reputable desire to dress those according to what suits them is what has amassed the brand with their identity that is widely coveted. But the one aspect that Emraan Rajput has remained seamlessly loyal to is the desire to consistently create something new. Their latest collection EResistable which comprises of pieces for their youthful clientele marks the brands latest shift into the world of fast fashion. 

From their printed shirts to their smartly weaved trousers. EResistable’s pieces are quite irresistible to the young generation who hold a taste for fast fashion in more ways than one. 

When asked about how the idea came to fruition and why fast fashion. Emraan Rajput told Hello! exclusively: 

“I’ve always been attuned to the surroundings around me. And what I saw was that the youth needed to have more of an access to international street fashion as well as fast fashion options. I kept the university kids as well as the young graduates in mind when designing these pieces because I wanted them to get the confidence they needed to stand out in the style of their choosing. Fast fashion has always been a global phenomenon and I figured we needed to tap into this burgeoning market.” 

Each piece is both simple but not understated in any way with colors that fit every style bill. What we admire most about the collection is the freedom one has to style it according to how they choose. It seems that the brand has more that they’re cooking up and we simply can’t wait to see what Emraan Rajput’s next move in the world of fashion will be. 

ERresistable is available both in stores and online.

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