Chocolate-dipped strawberries

Chocolate-dipped strawberries

Everything tastes better dipped in chocolate. Despite being one of the easiest and cheapest desserts to make, chocolate-dipped strawberries are one of those fancy, bite-size desserts that everyone loves. They’re beautiful and impressive looking, but they’re incredibly simple. 

One batch of chocolate-covered strawberries only takes about 20 minutes to make. 

Melt Chocolate:

The easiest way to melt chocolate is in the microwave. To microwave them, set your microwave at half power and stir the chocolate every 30 seconds until smooth.


1.    Wash and dry the strawberries.

2.    Prepare desired toppings (nuts, toasted coconut, etc.)

3.    Prepare your workspace with a parchment-lined baking tray to place the dipped strawberries on.

4.    Melt the chocolate in the microwave.

5.    Dip the strawberries in melted chocolate.

6.    Coat in desired toppings.

7.    Lay the strawberries on a prepared baking sheet and allow them to rest until the chocolate has set.

8.    Drizzle with melted white chocolate if desired.

Topping ideas:

·       Chopped Nuts (peanuts, pistachios, pecans, etc.)

·       Toasted coconut

·       Sprinkles

·       Mini chocolate chips (any flavour)

·       Crushed Oreo cookies

·       Melted white chocolate

Enjoy your chocolate-covered strawberries and share them with your guests.

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