PSO’s Small Token Of Appreciation - The Sounds Of Freedom

PSO’s Small Token Of Appreciation - The Sounds Of Freedom

In a time when the world is surrounded by discouraging news and lost opportunities, PSO has come out with a small token of appreciation, which has a sweet message of love, acceptance, and unity.

‘The sounds of Freedom,’ an ad which talks about diversity and inclusivity, has touched our hearts and cemented in us, the love for our people and our country. PSO was, is and always will be a progressive energy company. They are a national icon that celebrates its patriotic spirit and its commitment to driving Pakistan to new heights.

We can see the love the company harbors for its country in the way they have curated this heart-warming ad. The happiness and care with which we see the diverse group of people sing our national anthem, owning it, is proof of how everyone, be it adults or children, small farmers or corporate professionals, men, women or individuals of the third gender, Muslim or non Muslim, each and every person, feels deeply for their country.

We need such content to help make us realize what this country means to us, and how we need to take responsibility for it, making it a better place, driving it to greatness and prosperity.

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