Hello How To: Keep Glossy, Thick And Healthy Hair During Covid-19

Hello How To: Keep Glossy, Thick And Healthy Hair During Covid-19

A rundown on 5 tips that will aid you in maintaining healthy, shiny and voluminous hair during lockdown restrictions.

Thick hair is already a handful for many of us – but what about handling it during the pandemic, when it becomes damaged? Not a pleasant thought. Hello wants to give you a few of the most valuable tips and tricks for maintaining your luscious locks during this period that will be detrimental to your hair's health. Whilst you can’t go out for regular healthy trims, there are other measures you can take to enhance your beautiful hair. Let’s take a look!

1. Moroccan Argon Oil 


Hello swears by this one, and it’s been personally selected by the team! Oiling thick hair is already fundamental to keeping its shine and preventing the growth of split ends. Though you can pick a variety of drug store hair oils – Moroccan argon oils are the best, particularly for thicker, darker hair. It contains some valuable antioxidants and nourishing acids that keep the strands of your hair in its length and on the scalp. Make sure you get yourself a bottle of this - it comes in shampoo and conditioner form so it’s less time consuming for you too.

2. Hot Oils and Hot Towels 

Try this combination to complete the ultimate hair health rejuvenation. Hot oils are a fantastic way to keep your scalp and hair moisturised, and a hot towel whilst the oils remain in your hair (3-4 hours, or can be kept overnight and washed in the morning) is excellent in urging the treatment of the oils into your follicles. It’s important to remember that you should use shampoo too after washing out the oil – to neutralise concentrations so that your hair isn’t too oily once you’ve finished drying it. In addition – cut down on washes! Let the oils build up in your hair so that it musters up a shine when you do wash it (perhaps every 3 days after some practice).


3. Don’t Cut Your Own Hair! 

We know, the most tempting faculty about having split end-ridden hair. But trust us, cutting your hair yourself is a terrible idea. We’re not sure we can hide the horrors of this one – it might leave you with a fringe that makes employment prospects precarious. It’s particularly harder with thick hair that has layers, cutting the length could become seriously uneven. Though you shouldn’t handle your own hair, it’s sometimes okay to allow a trusted family member to help. Perhaps just an inch off the length is possible without total havoc – this is fundamental to the growth of your hair and preventing the visible split ends that form with unhealthy hair.


4. Try And Avoid Blow-dryers And Straighteners


This is particularly difficult if you’re someone with curly or wavy thick hair – straightening and blow-drying your hair to make it somewhat straight can be enticing. When straightening or blow-drying your hair excessively, you are actually weakening the cuticle of each hair. This saps the moisture from its scalp and means that growing your hair becomes pretty much impossible. Since many of us can’t even go outside, it might be a great opportunity to let your hair breathe and revel in its moisture, allow it to go natural - it’s beautiful!


5. Keep It Stylish With Braids and Plaits

Our staple – braided and plaited hair. This look is totally gorgeous, and it's perfect for days where you want to delay hair washing for just a little longer. Throw it into some braids and plaits (as seen styled above) and worry less!


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