Sunsilk Long: The Definitive Guide to Long, Healthy Hair

Sunsilk Long: The Definitive Guide to Long, Healthy Hair
Have you found your go-to hair product? You know, that one product with the power to utterly transform your hair and give you the length, bouncy volume, mussed-up texture or perfect curls that you crave in the healthiest way possible? Sunsilk's latest launch will be your new favourite contender that is especially designed for the neo-Cinderella girl who considers her hair to be her best accessory!

The new and innovative Sunsilk has Biotin, a healthy hair growth vitamin to create a product that works well for your hair by nourishing from tip to root. Also popularly known as B7, the vitamin has its share of health benefits. Derived from the Greek word Biotos, which means life, the nutrient helps hair grow to its maximum potential each month. Additionally, it adds more life to hair and is often referred to as hair food. The shampoo promotes instant shine- plus it smells delicious.

Though, average hair growth is about 1.25 cm a month but lack of nourishment is what gets in the way, however, there is nothing to worry about anymore with the new and refined Sunsilk.

Hair and scalp expert, Dr Fransesca Frusco says, “When you have hair on your side you feel good, because you look good. It contributes to you as a person, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.”

Fighting the fight against lank, lifeless hair, Sunsilk is perfect for everyday use as it absorbs oil and impurities, leaving hair feeling fresh and full of volume while giving hair a growth boost.

The Sunsilk long and healthy ad focuses on the wedding seasons and how every girl wants her hair to be long at this time since of course luscious locks complement traditional dresses. The protagnoist is excited for her friend’s wedding and tells her friend she’ll be there with her hair beautiful and long and the friend reminds her that it’s only in a few months! However, she makes it to her best friend’s wedding surprising and leaving in awe all her friends because she has glamorously healthy long hair all thanks to Sunsilk.

The ad is realistic and surely a dilemma that most girls face regarding hair growth before an significant event in their lives and Sunsilk is able to capture that making it more relatable for the Pakistani audience. The ad is directed and produced beautifully, tying in more than just the product but also depicting relationships and the culture and traditions of Pakistani weddings.

Don't believe us? Try it for yourself!