Playing to his strengths of making his audiences feel a hundred and one emotions with his mellifluous voice replete with a tinge of pain, Ali Tariq returns to the mainstream with yet another hit, Sun Le Zara!

Exploring the emotional and everlasting void left by the departure of the one you love or the emotion of love itself leaving the relation, the song is an ode to each lovelorn night that everyone who has ever fallen in love has felt. Adding onto it, the celebrated singer complements the feeling with his signature composition and lyrics, which transfer you into an environment filled with the feeling of melancholia.

The video – featuring the star himself and award-winning model Maha Tahirani, adds to the larger crux of the song as well, as we see Ali crooning to the melody – almost lost in a trance about the love that he has lost. Maha too, adds mystique to the video by being the one Ali sings to as a fleeting but painful memory that once was of bliss. 

Additionally, the production quality of the music video is unmistakably top-notch as well. From vignettes featuring Ali Tariq that explore the theme of solitude, loneliness and hurt to scenes done in an all-red environment, each aesthetic adds to the value of the song and what the singer tries to bring out with his music and lyrics. 

It is rare to find a music video and a song in today’s day and age that could speak to every person who has ever been in love, but Sun Le Zara, truly does so. Making one understand that when you truly love someone, you’re never able to get over the loss, the song teaches one how one learns to live with it. 

There’s a narrative about healing and rebuilding in the song, but largely around the loss you suffer. In quite a subtle yet powerful manner, it tells you that when love scars, it leaves indelible marks on your heart, and the pain, truly, can’t be forgotten. 

For those looking to let the vibes of winter make you feel all your emotions tenfold, while enjoying the melody and soothing vocals of Ali Tariq, Sun Le Zara is the ultimate song to keep your emotional quotient satiated. 

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