7 Stalls We Can't Wait To Try At Karachi Eat 2017

7 Stalls We Can't Wait To Try At Karachi Eat 2017
It's our favourite time of the year; gear up Karachi for Karachi Eat is finally around the corner!

From the 15,000 people it drew in 2014 only to increase to 75,000 in 2016, there is no doubt that it is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

The grand eating festival brings to life one of Karachi's most prized landmarks, the Frere Hall with all the people and of course, their appetite. Set to kick off Friday the 13th till Sunday, 15th of Jan alongside all the food there will also be live musical performances by Zoe Viccaji, Sara Haider, Jimmy Khan, Sounds of Kolachi, Fuzon and Natasha Humera Ejaz.

This year around Karachi Eat will host around 95 stalls, while the number of stalls remains the same this year, the vendors have been carefully selected and you can expect old favourites with some new delicious flavours.

The food festival on Friday will start around 4:30pm and end around 11:30pm, on Saturdays and Sundays the festival will start as early as noon and run through the day till 11:30pm. The entrance fee is Rs250.

The food fest will start on Friday around 4.30pm and end at 11.30pm. Saturdays and Sundays you can hop over early at noon and eat your heart out till 11.30pm. The entrance fee is Rs250. They're also getting Careem and Uber on board. For all you without a ride, Careem will be operating at a flat rate of Rs250.

The organisers are also trying to arrange a shuttle services that will run down Marriott Hotel road and the one behind Sind club, so if you end up parking your car at a distance instead of walking to the gate, you can hop on and take a shuttle.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the vendors that will be present and to look our for at Karachi Eat 2017:

1. Down To Eat: 

Alizay Saeed and Raza Rizavi are set to launch their own venture at Karachi Eat and here's what to expect:

The duo will be serving three Asian influenced items which include pulled beef sandwiches(Asian twist), basil chili chicken rice bowl (Thai) and crispy beef with garlic rice (Japanese).

The price of these delicious items will be around Rs200-Rs300.

2. D'OH:

New to the festival this year, D'OH will be serving Brazillian churros. These churros are no ordinary.

"We're introducing Brazilian churros," shares Ebrahim Bawany, who has partnered with his cousin, Abrar Bawany to bring us a longer, hollow version of the (Spanish) variety we've enjoyed in Karachi. While Brazilian churros are usually made with a Dulce De Leche filling, D'OH's menu will offer more variety.

Other fillings to expect are chocolate/Nutella, strawberry jam, peanut butter and cream cheese, with the price for an 8-inch churro being Rs250.

3.Biryani Mastani:

A must try- celebrating biryani, celebrating heritage - Mastani Biryani’s five different kinds of biryani that evolved over the past couple of decades will be available. How tasty is that?

4. Chaiwala:

Third time participant, Chaiwala who surely doesn't need an introduction will also be present at the festival and serving what they serve best with a twist! A cup of tea and nutella paratha would be delicious in this weather!

5. Paanawari:

Panwaari’s blueberry-flavoured pan is a must try - surely a pleasant surprise amidst the others!

6. Breast and Loin:

A massive hit last year, the sandwich focused Breast and Loin will be serving some unique new sliders along with ‘smashamosas’ and their bestseller from last year; steak and cheese sandwich. They will also be serving delicious waffles made with premium ingredients that are guaranteed to be a hit!

The duo plan to resume catering ‘full time’ after the festival.

Price of items: Rs200-300.

7. Karamel:

Chocolate heaven - the soft gooey Karamel cookies and cookie cake are to die for!

Karamel will be selling their famous cookies at the festival. There will also a surprise product so watch out!

Price of items: Rs100-300.

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