7up's Latest Campaign takes the internet by Storm

7up's Latest Campaign takes the internet by Storm

It’s no big secret that Pakistanis take their food very seriously. Food is the one true love of our nation. Be it our shaadi ka khana, Sunday brunch or just the dinner that we look forward to at home, we are quite emotional about it. We want food and we want it just the way we like it.

But what is the perfect way to enjoy our favourite dishes? The big foodie debate has just taken social media by storm ever since 7up launched some teasers of their upcoming campaign.

From aaloo to no aaloo in biryani, samosa vs samosa chaat and the choice of Karachiites being mutton or chicken are the amusingly fierce debates, we are lately coming across as we scroll down our newsfeed.

The celebrities have also come forward to share their foodie stories, sharing what their idea of a perfect meal is and arguing over the greatness of chicken karahi over that of mutton.  So, let us too keep an eye on what's to come by and how this debate will be settled.

Time to share your favorite dish - just how you like it!

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