7UP's Love For Food

7UP's Love For Food
The celebration of love is in full swing as Valentine's day is approaching. The month of February is known for love, across the globe. Also, we Pakistanis never leave any festivities uncatered! Social media these days is flooded with lovey-dovey posts and February 14 is going to be even intense. Be it any occasion, moment or festivity, Pakistani meme game is strong and will keep getting more hyped!

7Up Pakistan is as active on social media as most of us are and has kept a strong eye on people sharing the love for food. Yes, yes...we rarely get to see brands engaging with the social audience so differently, but 7Up takes lead here too. 

Over the world, Valentine’s Day is devoted to lovers, the infatuated, the cherished, and puppy-loved. Around the world, the loved ones are showered with cards, chocolates, perfumes, fancy candlelight dinners, jewelry, roses, and adorable gifts. That is where 7Up shared their love with foodies and aspire on sharing it further!

None of us can deny our love for the special ones, but there's one love most of us share in common, that is THE LOVE FOR FOOD! Just check out these super cute and funny at the same time kind memes along with some epic responses by team 7Up.

7Up has announced lots of food giveaways, vouchers and a smartphone giveaway, to share the love for food this Valentine's day. Keep on trying your luck fellas!

Humanity prospers on love and its life celebrations. It’s the cannon that connects world peace, empathy, and tolerance. Despite how Valentine’s Day is practiced, love is the principal. It is the basic emotion that makes us human and makes life so exciting.

We wish you all a beautiful Valentine’s Day full of special surprises, moments and people!



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