Husbands vs. Moltyfoam: Who’s More Pressure Proof?

Husbands vs. Moltyfoam: Who’s More Pressure Proof?

In a recently launched, romcom rousing campaign, the masterminds behind Moltyfoam meticulously - and lovingly - propose their pressure-proof mattress. Featuring Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Ali’s twosome on Moltyfoam’s star-of-the-show mattress, the campaign follows on what happens when you (husbands) lose a challenge to your wives and husbands or Moltyfoam: the better pressure resistor? 

With Mir mid video-gaming, Ali affirms her faith in Moltyfoam: “I’m so glad keh hum nay yeh moltyfoam liya! Pata hai, Pakistan mein moltyfoam kay ilawah koi bhi yeh high pressure technology use nahi karta.” As the duo proceeds to a duel and Sajal wins a “flawless victory,” she remarks, “waisay aap bhi humaray mattress ki tarhaan pressure layna seekh layn,” inciting Mir to plead for a re-match. 

The campaign with its cliff-hanger, however, still has us guessing, What happens when you (husbands) lose a challenge to your wives? Is it the dear husband’s loss and defeat denialism that make him lose to Moltyfoam too - in the battle for who perseveres under pressure? 

This mind-twistingly comic open-end has come to inspire influencers, celebrities, and celeb-fluencing couples all across instagram. In recreating their own formulas, they have albeit one constant: Pakistanis only pressure proof mattress, Moltyfoam! Uhh did someone say nap time?

One such recreation stars PISA nominee for most entertaining instagram celebrity, Waliya Najib and her - football fielding pro - husband, Faizan Sameer. As Sameer claims, “hasee arahi hai aapko? Mein aapko biryani bana kay dikhaoga aaj sham!” Eventually losing, the Wapis challenges audiences to “swipe right to see what happens when a husband loses a challenge.”

In another comic remake, one of our favourite Khawatoons Faiza Saleem and her husband duel over the total fee to finance their friends’ gathering. With her husband losing, Saleem’s nuance end reckons, “Swipe right to find out what happens when you prove your husband wrong.”

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Kudos to the creators for crafting such a comic campaign that highlights the pressure proof prowess of Moltyfoam! Not only does it have Instagrammers on their heels to recreate it, but have us eagerly anticipating nap time on our very own, very foamy, Moltyfoam. However, before we end up snoozing, we must come to conclude upon Moltyfoam’s victory in this pressure proof war with husbands!