For all those who believe in Islam and the Judgement Day, there were few teachings, facts, and predictions by our last Prophet. The facts are now being scientifically proven one by one and we cannot neglect the fact that we all will have to face the day of judgement soon. 

Judgement Day is something in which we all will be given a life again and will be responsible for all the things we did in this life, the good or the bad, we all will have to face and cannot skip the hearing of nature or send a bag full of money to have the final call in our favour. 

There were few predictions regarding the Judgement Day by the beloved Prophet of Almighty like homosexuality, pandemics, and most importantly of all, years passing like months, months passing like days and hours passing like minutes. 

Few of the predictions are proven right, for example, we can see homosexual people everywhere, announcing their sexual preferences all over the world including in our country too. And, the time we are living in, COVID is not going to leave us any time soon. We all know about this stuff, so let’s jump to the new thing which is just shared by the scientists. 

Our earth is spinning fast, and we don’t have 24 hours in a day anymore proving the prediction right. On June 29th, Earth broke the record for the shortest day since atomic clocks were invented as our planet's rotation measured in at 1.59 milliseconds short of the normal 24-hour day. 

So, the question is that, is our end near? Because all the predictions of the judgement day are proving right one after another and the speed at which time is passing, we don’t have much time left to spend in this illusionary world anymore.