How to Beat the Heat during this Humid Season

How to Beat the Heat during this Humid Season

Pakistan has had a hot summer so far, and now the humid season has only begun. Here are five different ways you can beat the heat throughout the season!

1. Dress Right: Dark colour clothes absorb heat whereas light colours reflect the sun’s light. Wearing light colours will therefore make you feel less hot and sweaty during this week. 


2. Keep a Spray Bottle: Keep a spray bottle of water in your fridge and use it on your face every time you feel hot. This will cool you off and make you feel immediately refreshed. 


3. Take a Lukewarm Shower: A cold shower may sound appealing on a hot day, but studies show that a warm one cools you off better. After a cool shower, your body starts working hard to cool off again, whereas studies show that a warm shower cools your bloodstream.

4. Ice Your Pulse Points: Use an ice pack or ice wrapped in cloth and apply it to your pulse points. This will cool your body down.

5. Get a Heat Aid Kit by Sprite: Nothing tastes better on a hot day than an ice-cold Sprite. It’s the perfect refreshing drink for the extreme weather. To top it off, you can order in a Sprite from or Pandamart and get a chance to avail their Heat Aid Kit which comprises of a Sprite Slushy Cup, Sprite Steel Ice Cubes, Sprite Cap with a solar-powered fan, and of course Sprite itself. If you’re outdoors on a hot day, feeling annoyed and angry, this kit will cool you off and put you in a good mood immediately as you use the fun and innovative items in it. It’ll cool you off throughout season and will keep you in a good mood.


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