Lemon Max Bar Web Series Are Bringing a Lighter And A Happier Closing To The Lockdown

Lemon Max Bar Web Series Are Bringing a Lighter And A Happier Closing To The Lockdown
Upcoming actors Rabya Kulsoom and Zain Afzal have teamed up for ‘Lockdown Ke Side Effects’, a new web series by Lemon Max. The web series is a light-hearted take on the current lockdown we are facing which makes it highly relatable in a situation as such.

The web series currently consists of three one-minute episodes which can be seen on YouTube. The episode opens with a loving couple played by Rabya and Zain. Zain is all smiles and pinpoints the pros of lockdown such as spending time with family, eating meals together and listening to stories from the past. The web series focuses on normalising men helping out in household chores and dividing responsibilities. Towards the end of the episode, Rubya hands Zain a Lemon Max Bar to wash the dirty dishes which are lying around in the kitchen.

Episode two opens with Rabya stating facts of working from home—from taking care of their kids, to working a 9-5 job, cooking meals for the family and looking after the house before bed. Frustrated Rabya gets a sweet surprise from her husband who held the fort down while she was busy with work. Dinner and dishes were sorted by Zain.

Lemon Max main message to its viewers is we need to keep a positive mindset even if things get tougher. Team work is always the way to go no matter the type of work and no matter the gender.

With the lockdown being lifted sooner or later all these memories will be truly missed. Lockdown was a little tough but staying indoors with family and getting all the chores done together made it even more bearable.

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