Rafay Rashdi Talks To HELLO! About His Web Series Baadshah Begum

Rafay Rashdi Talks To HELLO! About His Web Series Baadshah Begum
HELLO! exclusively spoke to Rafay Rashdi who told us about his new web series titled Baadshah Begum.

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  1. Rafay Rashdi, tell us a little about yourself.

I'm a passionate filmmaker – producer director and also a writer. I’ve made a film titled Thora Jee Le – then went on to produce and work on namely 15 television serials and telefilm(s) through Moomal Entertainments platform. My last serial on credit Baandi written by Asma Nabeel is currently on air. Alongside, I’ve also been a producer for the first ever Pakistani International Film Festival (PiFF) – have managed to do PR for Parwaaz Hai Junoon – I have also contested general elections twice. Very recently under my own imprint Rafay Rashdi Productions I plan to produce my series titled Baadshah Begum written by Sajj Gul (the famed writer of critically acclaimed O Rangreza) and above all I am a struggling producer trying to work towards on out of the box concepts.

  1. What is your web series Baadshah Begum about?

Baadshah Begum is about sibling rivalry – and a constant struggle for the throne of power within the family and the community. It deals with some hard hitting subjects. Inheritance, education, family politics, women emancipation, and empowerment, gender inequality, and male dominance. In a nutshell it’s an effort to highlight the issues which people refrain to touch or discuss. Web series is the perfect platform to showcase this story, I believe.

  1. How long has this project been brewing for? And is still in the beginning stages?

It’s been almost two years. Due to the fact it was constructed in the last production house I was working with. Once I left, I acquired the rights to the script. We have locked the script and are moving on to announcing cast members. Our production dates are confirmed for end of this year, if all’s goes well.

  1. When is this web series expected to release?

Definitely next year.

  1. Why are you making it into a web series and not a movie?

I myself being a filmmaker should be working on my second film, however will wait it out due to the inflexibility of the film market. I am an independent filmmaker and have to ensure business viability of my film is secured. I would rather target a digital platform for my second film. Baadshah Begum was always meant to be a series first. But I like your suggestion!

  1. Since this is your independent venture, how does that make you feel and how is it going so far?

I have only moved forward with the blessings of my fraternity members. The experiences I’ve gained was not possible without the utmost support of senior members. Sultana Siddiqui has played a crucial role in guiding me within the media industry. Forever thankful to her. I have massive support from my family (who have been there through thick and thin) it’s a little scary, dealing with a broad subject. I do have some senior members of our media fraternity who are on board the project for support. I'm taking careful measures to ensure the production goes smoothly. I’m only putting forward the experience I’ve gained and avoiding past mistakes I have made. Above all my intentions are to produce and contribute to the world of web series industry for Pakistan with the cleanest of intentions. Hoping for the best.