Sabz Safaid Rang: The True Colors of Independence

Sabz Safaid Rang: The True Colors of Independence
Patriotic at heart, our music industry gives us true Independence feels as we approach 14th August this year around! Cornetto Pop Rock is one of the platforms that came about to support the music industry of Pakistan and we could not be any more proud! As always, the renowned platform beats our expectations with a bonus music video which depicts one of the most celebrated days in Pakistan. The song titled as Sabz Safaid Rang is sung by one of the youngest Pakistani pop-rockers, Asim Azhar! Asim was brought on board exclusively by Cornetto Pop Rock just for this song.

The song has an energetic upbeat music that will make you stamp your feet and the catchy tune that will make you sing along! The video was released on the 9th August 2017 and it already has 1.5+ million views! The creative idea behind this video is nostalgia and is beautifully directed by  the talented Adnan Malik. Produced by Hasil Qureshi, the video has a nice flow of events along with peppy shots of Asim performing.

It starts off with the youngsters of the country sneaking out of their homes at night despite of being forbidden by their parents due to security reasons (which we all at some point have experienced growing up), they get on their bicycles and enjoy the ride by exploring different places but as the clock strikes twelve marking 14th of August that’s where their true freedom of being members of an independent nation lies.

The music video is vibrant, patriotic and passionate with a perfect balance of pop and rock culture! Asim Azhar expressed his thoughts on the song as, “working with Adnan was one of my goals. Working on #CornettoPopRock2 platform with him has been an awesome experience. I hope everyone enjoys the song and it wakes up their patriotic spirit.”

So what are you waiting for? Have a look at the nation’s newest anthem and sing along! Happy Independence Day!