Half Hour With Asim Azhar

Half Hour With Asim Azhar
Actor and musician,  Asim Azhar exclusively chats with Hello! From his favourite song to who his heros are in this life, he is at his candid best!

Q. Your new song, 5am came out and people are loving it, what made you sing this song? What encouraged you to come up with it? 

So one day I couldn’t sleep and when I checked the time it was 5 am and it made me so upset about the fact that I was not able to shut my eyes and call it a night. While thinking I wrote the line “ its 5 am what is happening to me?” and then I thought that this might be a cool hook line for a song. Following this, I penned down the lyrics and added the romanticising bits to it because what is a song without some masala! So my song brings about a message of confidence after you leave someone. When you leave someone you obviously get depressed so this song is about being independent enough without losing confidence no matter what.

Q. What is your favourite song that you've sang, a song which is the closest to your heart? 

It is very unfair to pick one out, as all my songs are my babies, written and composed by myself but the song that is closest to my heart is Khwahish. I realised it at the start of this year and the lyrics, song and music video depict a whole story if you listen to it.

Q. If you were offered to work for a Bollywood project, which singer would you like to do a duet with?

That is a tough question but I would like to do a duet with Shreya Ghoshal.

Q. Is Asim Azhar planning on pursuing acting as a career anytime soon? 

I wouldn’t say as a full time career but acting is definitely something that is with me even with my music videos and stuff. I even did a project with HUM TV just to try something new. I have been getting offers also so it really depends on the kind of project and character I have to play. However music will always be my first priority.

Q. Share with us any of the obstacles you faced in this industry because you're one of the youngest singers here.

I am sure everybody faces obstacles in this industry and I have had my fair share of them too. Me being the youngest singer in the industry I think it took people a while to realise my potential and to take me seriously as an artist. At the beginning people in the industry thought that I was just a seasonal boy coming in, doing a song or two and then disappearing. Then Coke Studio happened and people started to notice my hard work and me more.

Q. Do you think your mother being an actor contributed to your success? 

Acting and music are two different things, my mother is from the drama industry and there is no connection between the music and the drama industry what so ever. My mother had started acting since 2011 and I have been doing music since 2009/10. Some people sometimes fail to give me recognition of the work I did on my own and my mothers acting career and my music career are two very diverse things.  I have been doing jingles and rhymes since I was a kid like I did the Cocomo mujhe bhi do jingle for cocomo and the Kitna mazaaaye ray duniya dairy milk ki ban jaye for Dairy Milk. There is a lot of work that I have done on my own and achieved through my hard work.

Q. Asim Azhar has won a million hearts, how does it feel to be every girl's crush? 

It is a nice feeling for sure when you are the center of attention for a girl. However with that comes great caution because then you need to be really careful in the way you portray yourself, what you post online and what stories come out. So it is a great feeling along with a lot of responsibility.

Q. What's your perception of your dream girl? We're sure all your female fans are dying to know!

A girl that I could do any thing with is the girl I want to be with! I have various sides ranging from funny, loud, sophisticated, fun, happy etc so I would want a girl exactly like me. I would want to someone who wouldn’t get easily offended and would enjoy jokes with. I would want my dream girl to be someone who I can hag around with, chill with, watch a movie with and basically be exactly who I am.

Q. Is there anything about you which nobody knows out there? 

I think my fans might not know that I am a very good sportsman along with being a great dancer (You might see that when the HUM style awards are aired)!

Q. Where does Asim see himself in the next 10 years? 

I would like to see myself with my family, happily settled down in life. Career wise my ambition is to inspire people with the work I have done in ten years. I want to look back and be satisfied enough with my work with an aim of creating even better music.