It’s fairly easy to say that jewellery is the perfect way to elevate any outfit or look whatsoever. So here are five jewellery trends for this summer that are pretty, versatile, and a must-have for your jewellery collection.


One of the major trends for this season is the revival of chokers, however, this time chokers aren't simple or dainty they are here to make a statement and be the accent piece of your whole outfit. These statement chokers can be bright and colorful, have pendants, or even be made with pearl accents for a more elegant look, but the most loved style of statement chokers are ones made with heavy gold chains. These chokers not only add dimension to your look but can be paired with all types of outfits from casual to more party looks. Chokers are your one-stop accessory to elevate an outfit!


Bridgerton made many waves when it comes down to viewership and the provision of quality content. Moreover, the cult-like fan following of the famous Netflix show brought a style of jewellery into a trend. Jewellery similar to that worn on the show, from beautiful necklaces to elegant earrings has become a trend and is being sported by people and runway models alike. Jewellery pieces such as pearl headbands, gemstone earrings, and more simple necklaces with pearls or beading, have become famous. These jewellery pieces look similar to the ones worn in the show, and we all just love looking a bit royal don't we?


Fringe is one trend that has come back in full swing, especially in earrings. Long or short fringe earrings are a great way to add movement and a fun element to your outfits. Like many of the other jewellery pieces, these can also be paired with simple jeans and a T-shirt or a beautiful dress for a more night-appropriate look. Fringe earrings can be metallic or in dark tones and even in more colorful looks made out of beads. This makes them a truly versatile and fun piece to have in your collection.


In recent years the Y2K trends have all made a comeback and so has its jewellery. Pieces such as daisy chains, beaded necklaces, and even dainty earrings with eccentric pendants are a staple. From gummy bear earrings to colorful gems, this look is perfect for anyone who loves to add a pop of color to their usual looks. Again these pieces are perfect for every day and can jazz up any look, making them a cute and versatile accessory to have on hand. In addition to all its amazing benefits, a lot of the pieces such as daisy chains and earrings can be easily mimicked and made yourself.


How can we forget big bold and shiny statement earrings? These earrings can be anything from colorful studs to longer earrings made from gems and beading. These earrings are suppose to be a statement piece, thus, they are usually either colorful, shiny, or bigger in size. Whatever it may be with these statement earrings you can easily elevate any look; Perhaps the biggest perk with statement jewellery is that there are many options hence you can choose whatever fits your day-to-day look perfectly. Making it versatile but maybe not for everyone.

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