Caquina Beauty Is Here To Change Your Skincare Game Forever

Caquina Beauty Is Here To Change Your Skincare Game Forever
Caquina Beauty is a women-led beauty brand founded by sister duo, Zareen A and Tashfeen N. The brand brings together ancient beauty secrets and modern-day science to deliver a product range that will help you flaunt your beautiful, brown skin.

Steering clear of toxic chemicals and parabens, the brand uses high-quality ingredients in the creation of its skincare line that are at par with any international brand. All their products are designed and assessed based on their efficacy, unmatched quality and unique combinations of South Asian beauty secrets and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The prime example of which is their best-selling Vitamin C Serum called Nur that contains 10% L-Ascorbic Acid, 5% natural fruit extracts from papaya, strawberry and mango along with 1% Alpha-Arbutin, an exquisite skin brightening agent.

A big reason why  Caquina Beauty stands out among its competitors is its belief in the power of simplicity and routine. Their well-though-out collection of versatile products can be used by anyone, which furthers the brand’s plans to ultimately create a complementary skincare routine that is straightforward, easy and repeatable. Their Power Nap moisturiser or shall we say 'overnight skin perfecting' cream is loved by girls and women alike for its light feathery formula, ease of absorbance and of course the results! Power Nap promises hydrated, smooth, supple and rejuvenated skin to all its users.

Their newest launch is Phool Proof; a 4-in-1 hydrating mist comprising of 30% Pure Rose Water and 3% Niacinamide that will tone, prime, set and refresh your skin all day long. In the near future, Caquina Beauty is looking to add exciting new products to its range.

Named after their late grandmother whose ideologies, passion for beautiful skin and personal care is the prime source of their inspiration. Caquina Beauty is an amalgamation of their love for their grandmother as well as the realization of their longstanding dream of bringing forward international quality skincare products to Pakistan.

In addition to creating high-quality products, the brand recognised that consumers wanted to learn about beauty brands via organic content, not advertising, hence they place a strong emphasis on value-added community development; admittedly, they owe their initial success to the community of users, vloggers, make-up artists, that has been budding progressively around the brand. They aim to make this a point of difference in a sea of legacy beauty brands.


Photography: Yusra Rasool

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