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While there is no one single day to celebrate fathers but a little extra bit of attention on a specific day doesnt hurt anyone. On this day, we can take all the burden off their shoulders and give them the carefree fun they had before they had us. There are so many different ways to celebrate your dad on Father's Day. Picking out gift for Father’s Day and writing sweet messages for him may be a done, but it's also important to make sure that your dad's special day is full of activities that'll bring him even closer to the people he loves most: his kids.

1- Serve dad an all-star brunch
Another breakfast or brunch option is to invite your Dad on a brunch date! You could go out to a local cafe, or you could do it at home and invite them downstairs to experience breakfast at your home cafe. If you’re doing breakfast at home, create a handwritten menu, decorate the ‘cafe’ with handmade decorations and flowers, and leave a note to tell him how much you appreciate him this Father’s Day. If you have siblings who can’t get home, they could join your breakfast cafe via zoom.

2- Leave post it notes of all the things you love about your dad in all the places he will go in the house 
Buy a sharpie, a pack of post-its and go crazy. Write whatever comes to mind: memories, reasons you love them, things you are grateful for, things you appreciate. Leave them in places along their routine path e.g. on the bathroom mirror, on the toilet roll, in the wardrobe… You can even leave some with the breakfast or brunch you make them! Give them as many reasons as you can think of to light up with love.

3- Try and outdoor adventure together, a walk, hike or bike ride 
This is a great way to get outside and change up the scenery whilst doing something for Father’s Day. Take a coffee on a morning walk with your dad, or if your local restrictions allow you to do so, get active in the fresh air with a day hike or a bike ride. 

4- Do your dads favorite hobbies together 
Let your dad decide what you do for the day, and let him plan (or if you know him well, you could plan) a day full of activities just for him. From going on a run together, reading together, listening to a podcast, doing some gardening together, going fishing on Father’s Day or more,  it can be a Father’s Day full of things he loves. Play is really important for our mental health, so make time for it this Father’s Day!

5- Bring travel to your home and create a themed cocktail evening  
            Even though travel restrictions are loosening up in many places, your local   restrictions, work commitments or feelings about travelling during the pandemic may prevent you from going on an epic weekend away for Father’s Day. Is there somewhere you and your dad have always wanted to travel to? Bring a themed night to your place for Father’s Day evening…

• Choose the country / location
• Research a popular cocktail there (e.g. piña colada for Puerto Rico, Sangria for Spain)
• Dress up the room with themed decor
• Get outfits for the both of you
• Play music from that country
• Think of a game to play and a meal you can tuck into to bring the country to life!

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