Half Hour With Seemi Pasha

Half Hour With Seemi Pasha
Catch the beautiful and forever young Seemi Pasha’s quick interview.

Tell us a little about your home background and upbringing?

I come from a very humble background, nothing to do with the industry. My upbringing was very simple, as I grew up with five brothers and four sisters, of which I was the youngest and the most loved.

What inspired you to join the field of acting – a conscious decision or a lucky break?

It was more of a lucky break, as I first modelled for a friend on her request in a leading magazine and after that I started getting offers from different magazines.

Describe yourself when you were a young woman? What is the difference between you, then and now?

I was high-spirited, positive and full of life when I was young and I am still the same with all of these qualities, there is no difference.

How do you keep a balance between work and family?

I have built a system in all these years that helps me maintain a great balance between both.

What are some of the personal challenges you faced as a working woman? How did it impact your overall life?

I started working after my marriage and kids so I was mature enough to handle any situation with grace.

How do you see yourself as a role-model for a younger generation of actors/directors?

My work has been my greatest asset and I have been a thorough professional throughout my career, which has been applauded and admired by all young and old directors.

Do you feel there are well-conceived roles for women, and enough of a variety, in our Pakistani film and drama industry?

Our Pakistani drama industry is loved locally and internationally because of the wide variety of subjects that we present to our audience. I have done so many different roles in my long career and I’ve I loved every one of them.

You’ve seen the industry change in front of you? Tell us a bit about the pros and cons of the past and the present?

The industry has radically changed over the years – previously there were just a few channels and some drama content. Now an actor can even become a one hit wonder. The good thing now is that there is a lot of great talent which was not easily possible in the past.

What’s the difference between when you come on set, as compared to the young actors/directors of today?

It's all the same, since we come to work as a family and work as a team.

The dramas and films of today, versus those of yesteryear? What’s your opinion?

The content now is more mature with different topics coming into play. These days we are addressing bolder issues which was not possible back then.

When you look back on your career over the years, what do you see?

I see a successful, more mature human being who has evolved throughout these years.

In your view, how would you describe a life well-lived?

Seeing my sons grow into fathers and give me my grandchildren Ayan, Zemar and Zahran who I love more than anything is my achievement of a well-lived life.

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