Rapid Fire With Affan Waheed

Rapid Fire With Affan Waheed
In our February 2020 issue we spoke to handsome, talented and really committed actor Affan Waheed. We also played a quick round of rapid fire.

One fashion trend you don’t understand?

Big sunglasses

How would you describe yourself in one



If you could take a movie character on a

road trip, who would you pick?

Tom Cruise from Top Gun

What dialogue/song describes your current

state of mind?

'Take Me Anywhere' by Rita Ora

The Social Media app you are addicted to?


Plans for Valentine’s Day?

Nothing special

Three things you look for in a woman?

Eloquence, elegance and wisdom

One thing that annoys you the most?


What’s a song that you are currently

obsessed with?

'All I Ask' by Adele

What advice would you give to your 16-year

old self?

Be kind and have courage

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