Five Desi Khatta-Meetha Ready-To-Eat Must-Haves In Your Lockdown Snack Stash

Five Desi Khatta-Meetha Ready-To-Eat Must-Haves In Your Lockdown Snack Stash
It has to be said that Pakistanis cannot do without a few must-have snacks that always grace our stash of ready-to-eat goodies!  It is a given that you will probably have them lying in your lounge, or in your bedside table, or in the store cupboard in your personal kitchen.

Have a look at our little list and tell us what you love to snack on in the comments below.

Meethi Saunf 

Meethi saunf, or colourful sugar-coated fennel seeds, is part of our DNA growing up. It was the first step before graduating to a paan or even to the packeted saunf-supari mix. A little box of that perfect pick-me-up will have you yawning less in your work-from-home sessions online. It’s also an effective mouth freshener. But don’t overdose on the sugar! 


Growing up, everyone had some form of overkill of imli (or tamarind) and ended up with a bad throat! Now, as adults, we are sure you can monitor the amount you eat. You can get the ordinary packeted variety which is pretty sour but yummy with chaat masala, or you can get the pre-prepped packeted khatta-meetha variety which is delicious. Imli is a rich source of Vitamin C and also aids with indigestion.

Chaat Masala

You can either make your chaat masala at home with a short list of simple ingredients that you dry roast on a pan and then grind, or can choose the packeted masala made by every brand. Depends on which one you like. Sprinkle it on your french fries to give it that desi zing, or on fruit that you are eating — so yummy with guavas. It’s a dynamic must have for every desi, everywhere! 

Chilli Chips

Ok so there are all sorts of varieties of chilli chips out there! But frankly, in this time of lockdown, as we are trying to stay healthy and build our immunity, chilli chips may not be the best snack ever, but what else can you turn to during Netflix and chill! Let us know what kind of chilli chips you like and whether you are indulging in this deep-fried snack or not?

Nimco Mix

The best ready-to-eat snack that desis have ever invented is good nimco! Each and every desi person has their own special favourite mix and is the perfect snack with chai. What kind of nimco do you like? 

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