Launch of Simply Sufi’s Frozen French Fries in Lahore

Launch of Simply Sufi’s Frozen French Fries in Lahore
The renowned company, Simply Sufi recently expanded their portfolio of delicious delights by introducing imported French fries. Might we add, these fries are no ordinary, they have been imported from Holland and they taste every bit of it!

For a little background, Simply Sufi is an extension of the current line of businesses at Sufi Group of Industries. The Sufi chain lays their prime focus on quality and value. Simply Sufi provides their customers with a wide variety of chicken products like kebabs, nuggets, tenders, poppers and much more. The list has gotten even better as they’ve just launched high quality frozen French fries as well!

A launch event was held at the grand Packages Mall in Lahore on June 2nd to introduce Simply Sufi’s latest product. The event saw a bevy of bloggers and influencers and it turned out to be quite a successful one! The meet and greet was followed by a grand Iftar. And as if that was not enough, there was also an interesting hashtag created for the event, #GoDutchWithSufiFries.

Holland being the land of pommes (french fries) – so you can only imagine how fresh and scrumptious these fries taste! They are simply divine bringing the true ethos of Simply Sufi to life! Don’t believe us? Try them out for yourself!

With utmost commitment to brand values of quality, purity and trust, Sufi Group of Companies, has championed customer satisfaction and quality assurance and emerged as one of the top market leaders! Always staying true to their word, Simply Sufi delivers absolute quality along with unmatchable taste!

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