Recipe: Gulab Jamun Cake

Recipe: Gulab Jamun Cake
A special coming together of two different world cuisines

Chocolate Sponge

• Eggs 6

• Sugar 125g

• White flour 100g

• Cocoa powder 25g

Pana Cotta

• Milk 500g

• Cream 500g

• Sugar 200g

• Gelatin 18g

• Vanilla 10g

Cream Cheese Mixture

• Cream cheese 600g

• Icing sugar 150g

• Lemon juice 50g

• Melted butter 120g

Gulab Jamun

• Khoya 1000g

• Eggs 1

• White flour 250g

• Cottage cheese 100g

• Baking powder 5g


Chocolate Sponge

• Sift half a dozen eggs, sugar, white flour and cocoa powder.

• Mix the ingredients until everything is properly blended and till you get a smooth thick batter.

• Pour the mixture in a prepared tin and smoothen up the top with back of the spoon or large baking knife.

• Bake at 180 C for 40 minutes.

Pana Cotta

• Boil milk, cream, sugar and vanilla

• Stir the ingredients with spoon or paddle until it becomes smooth and homogenous.

• Remove the mixture from stove, add gelatin and leave on side.

• Allow to cool in a refrigerator Cream Cheese Mixture

• Beat the cream cheese and icing sugar mixture and blend together properly

• Add lemon juice and fold in the melted butter and keep the mixture on side.

Gulab Jamun

• Take khoya, eggs, white flour, and cottage cheese baking powder and knead to a smooth and soft dough.

• Make mini balls.

• Heat oil in a wok and fry the gulab jamuns, until golden brown

• Immerse the gulab jamuns in a thick sugar syrup. (Sugar syrup is 1 kg sugar with 500 grams of water).

How to assemble the cake

• Cut the sponge with bread knife.

• Take 9-inch round cake ring and put one chocolate sponge slice inside.

• Spread the cream cheese layer on top.

• Put few pieces of gulab jamun around and pour

Pana cotta mixture.

• Top with another chocolate sponge, cover with cream and garnish with white chocolate and gulab jamuns

• Add some more pana cotta mixture and repeat the steps for one more layer.

• Put the last chocolate sponge on the top and chill in the freezer for two to three hours

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