2021 Nail Looks That We Love

2021 Nail Looks That We Love

A summary of upcoming 2021 nail looks that you need to see!

2021 calls for a transformation of some kind that we can find any excuse for – a change from the scenery of 2020 styles that we adopted. Having your nails manicured always makes you feel that extra inch of luxury – you feel a tad cuter when you swipe through your phone or type on your computer. Nail looks in 2020 consisted of print aesthetics, letter fonts and scenic imitations like clouds, stars or flowers. This year the trends are far more abstract and open-ended, which means you have free reign to experiment! Here are some of our favourite upcoming nail looks for 2021.

1.    Minimal Tracing 

We claim this as a favourite! This look is particularly apt because it immediately corresponds to any outfit of your choice, and provides a touch of undefinable elegance that stays far away from branded looks that were popular last year. It demonstrates a singularity and uniqueness that is hard to imitate. It’s a particularly good idea to mirror the tones/colours above, at the least having them contrast, so that it hinges on a free-hand creativity that makes you stand out. Beiges, blacks and white as seen are great ideas – neon and brighter colours (unless this is an event-catered choice) may interfere too much with the rest of your look. This look will stay loved throughout 2021; but more prevalently during autumn/spring because of its cool, ambiguous overtones. Timeless technique!

2.     Miniature Prints

Although full prints for each nail can indeed be overbearing, miniature prints can turn out really eloquent. As seen above, these examples provide an elegance to your nail look but also a casualness to your style. These type of details are great for those of you who want to keep a pop of colour in your nail look – but not so much that it consumes the technique. This look will definitely flourish in Summer 2021.

3.     Elusive flowers


Similar to our previous look, elusive and emerging flowers can be one of the most gorgeous nail looks with the right proportion. As you can see, alternates have occurred, with some of the nails bearing just a clear classic coat, and a selected few containing the flowers. We would strongly recommend sticking to flowers that are of the same colour calibre – pastels, whites and etchings of gold paper that you can see in detail. This look is long-lasting and can be worn in any season – though it would make sense to strut it during the upcoming Summer period akin to the prior Miniature Print look.

4.     Wire Manicures



We know – a totally atypical look that you’ve probably never seen before. If you’re someone that loves weaving artistic flare and freedom into nail art – this look will definitely be for you. Paired excellently with puritan collars and bell sleeves, this nail-jewellery look makes you look like you can dissect every exhibit at the local gallery. Beware though – this look works great for people who have strict colour schemes in clothing, greys, blacks and whites. If this is you – this look could be a life-changing boost to your stylistic choices.

5.     Neon Tips



For all my colour lovers – neon tips are going to be your annual romance. It’s hard incorporating bright palettes into nail looks without hijacking your outfit’s showtime, but manicured tips are just the nuance you need to keep correct balance. Take a look at the examples above typically square tips (but equally look fantastic on oval or rounded tips), this look can be worn throughout all of 2021, and will remain a popular trend for you all to enjoy.

6.     The Hoodwink Infill



We love this one – because it actually works if you have a real infill, which is a lockdown issue that many of us have run into. This nail art requires just 2 nail polishes that complement each other in colour, the darker should be the one that succeeds the majority of the nail. For the infill section comes a lighter tone, that tidies up a nail into something rather graceful (when it could very easily be the opposite!). A hack that will become a familiar backstreet alleyway trend for our coronavirus mani-care.

7.     Glossy French Manicure



The 2000s made the French Manicure a craze – but 2 decades on, and we’re looking for a little more subtlety that echoes a clean-cut versatility - and doesn’t draw too much conflicted attention. This glossy French Manicure is the last but not least on our 2021 nail look favourites – perhaps the most favoured out of them all. This look is a timeless ode to the natural simplicity of foundational nail looks, and provides a refinement that can be worn anywhere; and with just about anything. It's a technique everyone loves. 

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