Mind and Body Are One

Mind and Body Are One
The new age fad revolves around personal well being whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. The important thing to realise is that the mind, body interconnectedness is more intricate than any other collaboration on the planet. Most of the times we are either too busy focusing our attention on our physical appearance when we set out to go live our 9-5 lives and the mind is something we only pay undivided attention to at the end of the day. We need to be conscious of both the mind and the body and the way they work together in perfect harmony throughout our days in fact this bond between the two lasts a lifetime.

Health and weight loss are two very different enterprises and it is a mistake that most people end up making these days. Diets are fads and a typical goal weight is always something nearly impossible to achieve. When we talk about health we need to understand that our bodies in this day and age are exposed to more toxins in both the environment and our food and a million other things than ever before.

We are all severely plagued by lack of exercise and make endless plans to be one of those people who wake up at 5 am to go for a walk or one of those people that have a set gym time everyday and take it as seriously as any business meeting. Health is being mindful of what we put into our bodies every second of every day whether it’s the fizzy drinks we slip up and drink when we have fewer options or high calorie food that has more pounds to give us as opposed to any nutrition that we can distribute in our bodies that are desperate for authentic vitamins.

Once we monitor the lethargy we are all excessively prone to, we will consciously decide to walk around more in our daily lives. Taking out the time to put together healthy meals that translates into a healthier lifestyle is far easier than spending all our time keeping track of the latest prêt lines. Once we realise that a well nourished healthy body sends signals throughout our body all the way up to our brain that release feel-good chemicals and automatically elevate our moods and change perceptions of negativity into infinite optimism.

Health and happiness seem to be the ultimate goals of humanity these days yet even our roads to these two are embedded with so many commercial clichés such as regimental work outs and diet pills and our happiness depends on our material possessions. These two ideals are something that cannot be bought with money but can be achieved through a concentrated effort to raise the standard of life which is completely different from our standard of living.

So, let us all try to the best of our abilities to channel our energy into daily rituals of rejuvenation through increasing the amount of steps we take in a day, looking at healthy food as a relieving and redeeming form of nutrition as opposed to something medicinal that we need to consume merely to lose weight. Once we balance our physiological chemistry we will be able to transfer that positive energy into our thoughts which ultimately determine whether we are happy or not.

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