Throwback: Mawra Hocane on Love, Happiness and Acting

Throwback: Mawra Hocane on Love, Happiness and Acting
Throwback to when the Pakistani starlet Mawra Hocane revealed everything from her wishlist to her celebrity crush! 

With only two years since she started her acting career, the 22-year old star may very well be called the queen of hearts with her roles in popular serials like Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai, Main Bushra and many more! A great advocate of learning and self-development, Mawra is in her second last year of LLB and proudly declares, “I got a distinction in my last exams.”

Talking to Hello!, she describes herself as lively, a workaholic and studious. When asked about how she balances between her studies and work demands, she responds,

“I’m very focused. If I’m studying, that’s all I put my energy in a that time.”

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On Acting and Her Family:

Conversing about how she got to become an actress, she comments, “When I was younger, I used to tell my dad that I want to be Miss Universe.” With her, the instinct to be famous was always there; she took classes at the English Theatre in Islamabad, her hometown, while she was in school. She credits her family for her success because they have always cheered her in whatever she has wanted to do, “My mom is very inspiring and I’m lucky to have supportive siblings; the men in my family are very encouraging.” Only after six months of starting her acting career, she got nominated for Best Actress at the Hum TV Awards 2013. “Being nominated at a very initial stage in my career felt awesome, it was only my second project and I was really inspired.” Mawra states.

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The young actress considers her acting career a blessing and a major contributor towards the person she has become, “I’ve become more practical, mature, hardworking and patient; working with big actors has taught me humility and I think all this has been amazing for my growth as a person and an actress.” As her dream acting role, she would like to play a woman from the older era – Umrao Jaan or Anaar Kali, “Everything was defined differently in those times, even love; I think I’m an old soul stuck in the present.” Among all the roles she has done so far, her favourite is playing Shumaila in Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai and my role in Main Bushra. “Playing the role of a strong woman made me feel really positive and strong.”

On Modelling:

Since Mawra has been in the limelight, she has modelled for few of the biggest Pakistani brands and has walked the runways for various designers. “It’s all because of my acting that people recognise me and offer me these projects.” She adds that acting is the primary medium she uses to give expression to all the energy trapped inside her, “Without acting, I wouldn’t be able to breath; I’ve worked with the top names in the industry and would like to maintain that calibre.” Re!ecting on doing international modelling projects, she said, “I would love to be on the cover of Vogue one day.”

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On Fitness and Beauty:

Mawra has beautiful, voluminous hair that has made her one of the most attractive faces in the Pakistani TV industry.

“I’ve inherited my hair from my mom; she had stunning hair in her youth and until I was twenty years old, she used to take care of my hair regularly, which made it naturally beautiful, and she didn’t let me cut it if I wanted to have shorter hairstyles.”

She believes that oiling her hair and taking care of it traditionally has made it the way it is.

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Energetic by nature, Mawra has a regular gym routine,

“People think I don’t need to go to the gym because of my naturally thin figure, but I work out regularly for strength building. I believe that it enhances willpower and it helps me focus.”

Mawra; The Person

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When asked about her favourite designers, she replied,

“I’m not a brand conscious person. I have a very classic, comfortable style and I believe in letting my personality shine through my clothes, while they only complement it and not rule it; I like Michael Kors, Sania Maskatiya, Élan, and Burberry because their designs are in sync with my personal style."

Among bridal designers, I adore what Nomi Ansari and Zainab Chottani make.” She draws inspiration from her older sister, Urwa and Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor, when it comes to her work. Mawra is a proud Bollywood films’ fan and proclaims, “I’ve watched every Indian movie and I love them.”

During her free time, Mawra likes to keep up with TV shows; few of her favourites are Suits, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Travelling is a passion and trying different cuisines during her travels is another one of her passions, as she loves food and possesses a sweet tooth. An avid reader, Mawra loves books that are about spiritual development and guidance; she believes,

“How can you know others when you’re not self aware.”

Some of her favourites include 40 Rules of Love and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

On Love and Hapiness:

“What makes your international love, Ranbir Kapoor, special?” She laughs and responds, “Initially, it was a celebrity crush, but then I discovered that we share the same birthday; knowing that has made him even more special to me.”

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While she has been offered roles in Bollywood, she is waiting for the right time and offer to venture into that industry, as she believes,

“It’s riskier in another country, so the offer needs to be brilliant. I’m still very young and I want to do it right. If I’m offered a role opposite Ranbir, I’d take it in a heartbeat”

Mawra believes that being happy-go-lucky by nature has been a blessing for her and she has received a lot of love from the audience and respect from coworkers in a very short time. The actress has started 2015 with a bang and she believes the rest of this year is going to be interesting and full of surprises, “the year has just begun and there are several projects in the pipeline, so I’m excited about what 2015 brings.”
“Don’t be reluctant to love, take care of your family and stop running after material things, for they’re only temporary. Wait for what love can give you and smile more often,” is her message and is very much in line with the loving and candid person she is.