Are You Snapping Your Fingers Too?

Are You Snapping Your Fingers Too?
It all started when Shahid Afridi shared a video of himself snapping his fingers on Instagram with a caption that read #DriveOnPakistan- our curiosity grew! Being an avid fan and follower of the Pakistani star, we started to wonder what this meant, it isn't any ordinary video and we are sure of it but what could it mean, hurry up? But for what?

It’s time to take ownership! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN #Pakistan

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Hania Aamir followed his footsteps shortly after and took to social media to upload a similar video with a similar caption and after that from Pakistani stars to the public, this became somewhat of a trend! Everyone is just seen snapping their fingers, but we still don't know why, we feel like we are left in the dark or didn't get the memo, so we look to you to ask - why? Any guesses?

Let’s snap out of this recklessness!! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

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It’s time to wake up!! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

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Let’s be aware! #DRIVEONPAKISTAN

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Let’s be responsible! #driveonpakistan

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Here are some possibilities that we have come up with:

  1. They are all in a hurry or want to get something done quick? No clue as to what they want done but something in a jiffy perhaps?
  2. Some kind of a movement or race? The world drive hints towards this and snapping means quick? So first to get to the finish line?
  3. Just starting a trend? Because trends are cool and could be that this just became viral?
  4. Snap and win? Win something, but again- what and why?
  5. Something is coming up! And we just can't wait!


This all that we could gather so far, if you have any information or guesses or if you have also snapped your fingers - please let us know and we will be forever grateful!