‘Chester Cares’- Giving Back To Society

‘Chester Cares’- Giving Back To Society

Chester Bernard is a clothing line that makes the best quality shirts. Established in 2005, opening its doors first in Karachi, and in the following years in other major cities across Pakistan.

Taimoor & Faraz, CEO Chester Bernard;

Asim Ismail, CEO Rehen Sehen (Right)

Under the name of ‘Chester Cares’; Chester Bernard along with the help of Rehen Sehen will be focusing on giving back to society. To support this cause bring back your Chester Bernard shirt which you haven’t been using, and in return as a token of appreciation, Chester Bernard will give you a discount voucher.

According to the CEO of Chester Bernard, Mr Faraz Salahjee, he said, “The idea for this initiative basically came up because of our customers who has always questioned us as what to do with the shirts that aren’t being used anymore? And that is when the idea came to our mind. Initially, we couldn’t find a suitable place to giveaway the shirts, but then we were introduced to Rehan Sehan”.

Rehan Sehan is a branch of Al Wasila, an organization which helps those in need. Rehan Sehan has a really good motive. They don’t give away anything for free, but at a price that is affordable by almost anyone in this country.

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