'Baaghi' Faces Criticism Ahead of Final Episode

'Baaghi' Faces Criticism Ahead of Final Episode
Tonight marks the end of the Saba Qamar’s popular drama  Baaghi

 The show has managed to make headlines way before it even aired its first ever episode; whether it has been in the limelight to applaud the star-studded cast's stellar performance that also managed to bag five Lux Style Award nominations or for distorting the internet sensation Qandeel Baloch's life. Now, the producers of the TV series are being criticised for overspending on promotions rather that donating the same money for a greater cause.

The team behind  Baaghi is also being accused for exploiting Qandeel's tragedy for monetary gain. Nighat Dad, a lawyer and activist pointed out the  distributed to the cast of the show to celebrate their LSA nominations.

"Beyond disgusted seeing how Baaghi production team is throwing away money in the form of goodies and celebrating 5 nominations at the Lux Style Awards. This money could have been used for her parents who are hand to mouth and still fighting for justice,” Dad wrote in a Facebook post.

She added, “Before you watch Baaghi’s last episode tomorrow please know that the drama has made massive profit out of Qandeel’s plight, only bothered to send a few men who told the poor parents that they were going to write a book on her and only gave 50k to them as  support a year ago. And by the way, they are legally covered under disclaimer.”

To which Nina Kashif, the producer said:

“Today is the last episode of  Baaghi but before I write further, I would like to clarify few things..in response to some FALSE rumours on fb/social media,” Kashif wrote on a Facebook post.

She further added,

1. The producers took proper permission for the drama serial from the parents, despite the fact that there were only few incidents that were taken from Qandeel s life.

2.  The permission was in Urdu so everyone could understand.

3. It was signed by them, they asked for a certain amount in return to which the  Baaghi team happily agreed as the producers in any case wanted to give compensation.

“It would be nice if people can have their facts checked before making baseless allegations. We understand that it is a sensitive subject and we have handled it in a responsible manner.”