How To Give Yourself A Manicure At Home

How To Give Yourself A Manicure At Home
Itching to get your nails done, but can’t go out due to obvious reasons? Well, look no further. Here are a few easy steps you need to follow to get the perfect manicure done from the comfort of your home. 

 All that you’ll require:

  •   Nail polish remover
  •   Cotton balls
  •   Cuticle pusher 
  •   Nail trimmers
  •   Nail buffer
  •   Nail file
  •   Cuticle oil or hand cream
  •   Base coat
  •   Nail colour
  •   Top coat

 Step One: Start with clean nails

If your nails are already painted from before, remove it with some nail polish remover and a cotton ball. After removing your polish, wash your nails and dry them completely before you begin the manicure process.

 Step Two: File your nails 

Use nail clippers to trim your nails to the length you want. The whites of your nails should extend past the tips of your fingers. File your nails by gently dragging the file across the nail to achieve an evenly shaped look.  

Note: When you file your nails, be sure not to drag the file back and forth over your nails. Gently drag it in one direction only. This keeps the fibers in your nails from getting weak.

 Step Three: Buff your nails

Buffing smooths your nails and provides an even surface for your nail polish. Use the side of your buffer with the coarsest sandpaper first. Gently run it across the surface of your nails to smooth out the ridges. Do the same with the medium grade surface. Finish with the finest grade surface.

 Step Four: Soak and push back your cuticles

Soak your nails in a bowl of warm water for five minutes. Add a few drops of soap or scented oil if you'd like. This will soften your cuticles and make them easier to push back. Use the cuticle pusher to gently push your cuticles back toward your skin.

 Step Five: Apply oil or cream

Rub the oil or cream into your hands, fingers and nails. Let it soak in for about five minutes. Then take a clean cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover and remove the extra oil or lotion. This will allow your nail polish to stick.

 Step Six: Apply the base coat

Carefully cover each nail with your clear base coat to provide a good surface for your nail colour. The base coat will help ensure that your color looks even. Let your base coat dry for five minutes before continuing.

 Step Seven:Apply your nail colour

Paint your nails using a thin, even coat. Paint a vertical line down the middle of your nail. Paint stripes on either side to fill in your nail completely. Let it dry and paint a second coat. Let the second coat dry completely before moving on. If you accidentally smeared a little nail polish on your skin, dip a cotton swab in some nail polish remover.

Note: Shaking the bottle creates air bubbles, so make sure to roll it instead. 

Avoid applying a large drop of paint and spreading it around. This will result in an uneven coat of paint.

Step Eight: Finish with a top coat

This is a clear, smooth coat that will help your manicure stay in place for at least a week. Skipping the top coat will result in a paint job that chips much more quickly. Let it dry completely. Your manicure is now finished. 

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