“We aspire to provide outstanding quality materials to our clients by gratifying their expectations and maintaining their confidence on a supreme level,” promises Sitara Studio.

Critics may claim promises are rather empty words, but Sitara Studio surely blows away our minds making it albeit impossible for us to narrow down ten must-haves from their collection (we want them too, ugh!). Surprisingly enough these must-haves are not isolated to women’s wear (which we’ll drool over in the next few words), rather all-encompassing for their include ‘Men’s Stitched - kurtas, waistcoat, complete suit,’ ‘Kids - western contemporary, sleek designs fashioned after Zara Kids,’ ‘Footwear - men and women,’ and even something for our rooms (oolala): ‘Bedding - comforters, bed sheets, duvets, pillows, cushions.’ 

Now, let’s motion towards our personal favourites - indeed, from this already very lengthy of favourites. ‘The Queen Collection embroidered on velvet,’ ‘Signature Collection embroidered on jacard,’ ‘ Classic Collection,’ ‘Pret Line (Essential Line) - light party wear , two and three piece,’  ‘Pret Line (Basic Line) - all printed, instant fashion,’ and the ‘Pret Line (Day to Day Line) house wives, office going girls.’ In fact, don’t take our word for it: see for yourself!

Now that you’ve set your sight out for these goods, it’s worthwhile wondering where you can grab your hands on them? Head over to their flagship store in Gujranwala! But before you do, here’s some background on Sitara Studio - call us pro-Sitara, but how can we help it? Don’t you see how their products practically blinded us?

Sitara Textile Industries Ltd is among the foremost enterprises of Pakistan. The group started with textile processing in 1956 and slowly but surely flourished into a renowned industry. It operates across the globe, catering to both domestic and international markets.

Sitara Studio is a flagship retail brand of Sitara Textiles that seeks to redefine the industry with its acute attention - afforded to affordability, to quality, and design. It endeavors to offer superlative quality textiles by adopting the most innovative approaches. As such, it is no surprise that Sitara textiles, along with its subsidiaries, has outsmarted the entire textile industry.

Speaking to Hello, the masterminds behind Sitara Studio said, “We hope to earn phenomenal success in and strive to distinguish ourselves in the retail industry by aiming for the position of market leaders. We also look forward to establishing standards of quality and adopting modern strategies when making our way to the summit.”


After getting his education from England, Mr. Hamza Bashir joined Sitara Studio as a young business man with a strong work ethic. His passion drives him to make new developments in the textile industry, taking Sitara Studio to new heights. He is recognized as a visionary and a strategic thinker with leadership skills for developing and motivating winning teams and developing innovative business plans.

Speaking to Hello, Bashir announced, “Now we’re opening our 12Th Flagship store in Gujranwala at a massive 8000 SQ FT Covered area. Interior Design to VM, we have made sure every detail is catered & executed as per the modern retail standards. Our Gujranwala outlet will be a state-of-the-art retail outlet which will be a trendsetter for competitors within the city.”

With their collection fascinating us, one finds no reason to doubt Bashir. 

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