What Your Paint Color Says About You

What Your Paint Color Says About You
A living space is a true reflection of one’s personality, it’s a form of expression just like any other form of art. Whether you’re living in a mansion or a one bed apartment, it is your canvas and the way you choose to paint it will make a huge difference on how others see you.

When it comes to painting your home it is essential to choose the right colour because not only does it give a glimpse of your personality but it also influences your mood and emotions. While it may be intimidating to make various color combinations to work together, a little knowledge about their effects can make the process a lot easier.

Light colors give the illusion of a bigger space making it airy and bright whereas dark colors add sophistication giving an intimate feel to a larger space. Each colour can be matched to the room’s purpose and your taste.


Blue gives a calm and serene feeling that is recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. Because it boosts relaxation in social areas, warmer shades of blue should be used such as turquoise, periwinkle and cerulean. One should refrain from using dark blue as the main color as it arouses feelings of gloom.


The most refreshing and restful color to the eye, green, is one that can be used in any room of your living space. It stimulates comfort and relaxation making it an easy choice while decorating. Along with that it also relieves stress and is said to have a therapeutical effect. So go ahead and experiment with it, add hints of it to your office, bedroom and even bathrooms.


While it is not a great choice as a main colour for your bedroom, Orange does a great deal to lift your energy in a gym room. It promotes excitement and is a color of laughter.


While this may not be the colour you usually see in homes, it is a great choice in order to add more femininity to your house. It represents love and tenderness. Incorporate small pink pieces like a lampshade, cushions or even flowers to bring more comfort in times of emotional transition.

Changing the look of your living space to match your changing and evolving personality is great fun. However that trip to Zara Home will make your wallet feel a lot lighter and you might not end up feeling as great about your new home looking at your credit card bill. For those of us who would like to save a penny or two, DIY is the way to go.


If wallpapers are out of your budget, try stenciling them yourself. Here we have a step by step tutorial on how to turn that boring wall into a focal point with a little bit of work. DIY Wall Stenciling


Here’s a fun piece of art that is made with a kitchen sponge. If that isn’t frugal then what is? Let your inner creativity shine and relive your elementary school days with messy paint brushes. DIY Hi Painting


Lighting is very important in making or breaking the look of a room. It’s always a bonus point if your chandelier or lamp stands out. While that may be expensive, it shouldn’t stop us from figuring out an economical way to make our space shine. In this easy tutorial, a plain piece of doily and some glue transform a shady bulb. DIY Lace Lampshade

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