5 Reasons Why You Should Take That Trip Up North With Your Friends

5 Reasons Why You Should Take That Trip Up North With Your Friends

1. You deserve a vacation

There is no better place to visit for a vacation than the Northern areas of Pakistan. They are the definition of paradise on earth. The visuals, food, and environment present the perfect location to have a relaxing trip and forget all worldly affairs.

2. Stunning Lakes 

No one can deny the beauty of the Northern areas, especially the lakes and mountains. A few well-known lakes are Karomber lake, Chitta Katha lake, Saral lake, Saiful Malooklake, and rush Lake. The Northern area is a vast place, thus there is a never-ending series of lakes worth looking at, and enjoying the time traveling. The thrill of Northern area trips is the effort to travel, camp, and enjoy the scenery along the journey.

3. Adventurous tourist activities

There are many things to do in the Northern area such as trekking, hiking, jet-skiing, boat riding, and cultural exploration. The areas of Northern Pakistan have a diverse culture with various interesting tourist sites and historical places to look forward such as Altit Fort and Bagrot Valley.

4. Mountain trekking

The experience of trekking on a mountain is one of a lifetime opportunity, as the Northern Mountain terrain and passes are too beautiful to be left unvisited. They are difficult to cross, however, if you love trekking, or are looking for some real thrilling adventure in life, then trekking through these mountain passes should be on your list to do.  

5. Friends make everything twice as fun

Why would anyone want to travel to these fine places alone? The more people one has, the better the trip becomes. Having friends by your side throughout exploring new Valleys, Mountain terrains, and jet skiing look like the perfect idea for a trip. Everything is bound to be more fun, thrilling, and exciting with people by your side who you love spending time with.

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