Remembering the late, great Amjad Sabri

Remembering the late, great Amjad Sabri
During the past year, the walls of Karachi have turned from hate graffiti against ethnic groups, political party slogans and cheap marketing tactics to the most appealing canvas for mass messages of peace and positivity.

Artist S.M Raza and philanthropist Aqib Faiz joined hands together to create yet another message for Karachi by painting the legend Amjad Sabri on the walls of Karachi in Korangi no.5.

The painting pays a tribute to the Qawwal, showing him mid-way through his performance, singing his heart out and praising God.

amjab sabri

This is a way for Sabri’s many fans and admirers to remember him in the years to come. The makers hope that their painting will help preserve this memory and keep him in our hearts forever.