Urwa Hocane On Upcoming Movies, Married Life And More

Urwa Hocane On Upcoming Movies, Married Life And More
Urwa Hocane, in a recent interview with BBC Urdu opens up about her upcoming projects Na Maloom Afraad 2 and Punjab Nahi Jaungi , her younger sister Mawra and her marriage to Farhan Saeed!

When asked  as to which movie Urwa hopes should do better at the box office, she quickly responded, “Well, both!”

She said, “Both teams have worked equally hard, teamwork was amazing, scripts are excellent, therefore the project deserve to excel.”

Additionally when inquired which movie she enjoyed working on more, the Udaari star hesitantly replied, “I know this might sound mean, but I had more fun on the sets of Punjab Nahi Jaungi.”

The starlet also believes that everyone should feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin, “I’ve always been my true self. I always tried extremely hard not to lose myself in all the glitz and glamour. I never let the people’s judgement affect me.”

On her marriage to former Jal vocalist Farhan Saeed, Urwa stated that the wedding was never planned to be a 'publicity stunt', rather something the couple wanted to plan for themselves.

She explained, “Everyone nowadays owns either a camera or a smartphone, so obviously you can’t stop anyone from capturing everything and it also would have been really rude to not let them. Therefore, we decided to allow everyone to take pictures, make videos while we just enjoyed our moments.”

About her younger sister, Mawra Hocane who made her Bollywood debut in Sanam Teri Kasam, Urwa said, One can’t really compare the kind of work Mawra and I opt for. Mawra is an international star now. Everyone knows her and recognises her abroad. She has gotten Pakistan recognised internationally. The barriers that are created are self-made, they are the ones we created ourselves. As artists, politics and war don’t mean anything to us.”

“More often than not, I’m travelling for work so whenever I get a chance, I prefer to stay home. However, Mawra and I are definitely planning a world trip!”

Elaborating on her marriage, “I’m a romantic at heart. I remember the time Farhan proposed to me and how it came as a shock, and how the first thought I had was surrounding my wardrobe. I’m someone who hates surprises, and this was the biggest one. But thankfully, I was wearing decent clothes.”

“In three seconds flat, I said YES! We have been dating for three years. There was no way I wouldn’t have agreed. Later that day, I got really mad at Mawra for not telling me as she was a part of this surprise! But you know, she kind of tried to get me dressed that day. My usual self is too lazy to dress fancy all the time,” she added.

Conclusively, she also lauded Pakistan actresses across the globe,

“It’s enough that an internationally recognised movie is getting linked to Pakistan somehow. I’m very instinctive towards the work I do. I don’t care about the TRPs or if the drama is getting a permanent slot in prime time,” she said.

“I fall in love with Farhan every single day. I’m a hopeless romantic. You can easily spot this trait of mine in any movie that I do and I love doing romantic movies, therefore Punjab Nahi Jaungi was a dream project,” said the starlet.

Here's wishing Urwa all the success for her upcoming, promising projects!