Exclusive: Imran Abbas Makes His Way To The Top

Exclusive: Imran Abbas Makes His Way To The Top
The exceptional actor Imran Abbas chats exclusively with Hello! - answers questions about his latest TV drama, rumours and much more!

Q1 What encouraged you to become an actor after pursuing modelling as your initial career?

I was never really ambitious or passionate about my career in the media to begin with. This industry just happened came upon me - so I decided to go with the flow. As soon as I started  modelling, the acting offers came pouring in, so I went along with the idea and voila I’m here! My philosophy about life is a little different than others; it’s such a temporary life so one shouldn’t slog it all out! And I am also a big believer of destiny! It was written in the stars for me to be an actor, thus I’m an actor.

Q2 What are you working on these days, besides the drama serial Noor-ul-ain?

Besides Noor-ul-ain I’m starting my own production house so I am currently busy working on that. Along with that have two movies in the pipeline (one Pakistani and one Bollywood) so I am figuring out their shooting schedules and all.

Q3 What has been one of the best drama serials that you have been a part of, any fond memory from that experience?

Definitely has to be Khuda Aur Mohabbat. I will always cherish and hold a special place for it in my heart as it had such a beautiful and thought provoking story line. It left a deep impact on everyone that even six years later when the show was revived again, the fans appreciated it just as much! The scenes of the previous season were re-shot with the same cast in addition to some new scenes. That is something which has never ever happened before in the history of Pakistani drama industry, so that says a lot!

Q4 Since this industry is full of gossip, how do you respond to all the rumours and gossip about you?

There is this old saying that “grease and truth always comes to the surface” - so I just stay quiet and wait for truth to prevail! That’s my mantra in life!

Q5 You worked with Ayeza Khan in Mohabbat Tumsay Nafrat Hai and you’re currently shooting for upcoming drama serial Noor-ul-ain - who is a better co actor? Ayeza or Sajal?

Both have their own forte, both have their own style of acting so I cannot compare the two at all! I have worked with Ayeza twice before and she is a brilliant co star and a phenomenal actress! Sajal on the other hand, I just got to know right now, but as far as i can see she is exceptional as well and really easy to work with! Both have a massive fan following, are Pakistan’s sweethearts and extremely easy on the eyes. Haha. Both are boss ladies in their own ways!

Q6 Who is your favourite actor? Someone who’s acting skills inspire you?

My favourite actors who inspire me are the ingenious Naseeruddin Shah and our very own late Moin Akhar Sahib. He was such a gifted and a diversified artist. Pakistan will never ever have another Moin Akhar. He was in a league of his own!

Q7 Do you plan on working in Bollywood films in near future?

Yes I am in the process of finalising my fourth Bollywood venture, (the first was Creature 3D, the second Jaa Nisar, third Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in which i made a cameo appearance) and if all goes well, I will be sharing some great, big news soon!

Q8 What has been your greatest strength? Something which keeps you going?

My biggest strength is my firm belief in my own self and my positive attitude. Of course, my ability to detach myself from all the gossip and the buzz of the industry and just purely focus on my work. I am my own competition and I just work and try to make myself better at my work. This is what keeps me steadfast and sane!

Q9 Complete the sentence : Imran cannot survive without … ?

Cannot survive without my family and my loved ones! They are my biggest strength and my source of life and energy. Their prayers and blessings are what keeps me going.

Q10 Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I’m really not a very long term planner as such as one never knows what lies ahead! But i’m starting my own production company as I said before, and I also plan to open a firm related to architecture! Along with that I plan to start my own clothing label offering smart casuals. So yes all of this is sketched out for the future.