Cuisine That Enlivens The Soul: Sofrazar and Daavatnama

Cuisine That Enlivens The Soul: Sofrazar and Daavatnama

What constitutes the perfect dining experience? Is it a mix of foods from different cultures, the people you share the experience with, or the ambiance that enhances the cuisine? Some culinary experts have chosen to create an exceptional cocktail of it all! One such brand is the ever-so-delicious Sofrazar. With the motto, “The joy of shared cuisine”, Sofrazar takes food and dining to another level. As an homage to cultures, the brand presents its eateries in brass and bronze platters while bringing in flavors from across the east. With its take on history, crafts, and culinary design, the brand redefines what it means to be a food service provider. Sofrazar offers an exclusive dining experience where food is inspired by a rare blend of Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisine, made to be shared amongst your loved ones. The brand’s culinary inspiration traces back from the Ottoman to the Mughal Empire. From the presentation in copper and brass tableware to the rich taste and textures, Sofrazar celebrates various aspects of eastern heritage for every type of gathering. Understanding the value of creating an ambiance along with the food for their customers, their cuisine is both, flavorful and unique. Sofrazar has something for all types of food lovers, especially those who enjoy flavors from around the world. We sat down, spoke with the food service providers, and asked some of our most pressing questions. So here it is... get to know more about the delightful, Sofrazar:

1. Tell us more about Sofrazar. How did it all begin and how did you come up with the name? 


Sofrazar started out as an idea to create something beautiful. An attempt to find the essence of love and a language that we understood best was the act of sharing love through food.  An attempt to create beauty through a shared dining experience.

‘Sofra’ translates to spread in the Turkish language and zar translates to Gold in Arabic, so to bring together a golden dining experience is what we believe in.

2. What was the inspiration behind serving in brass and copper tableware? 

We had the desire to create a shared dining experience that leaves a lasting memory. We married two desires together. Of celebrating craft as a way to experience beauty along with eating a delicious meal.  Also, we love beautiful hand-crafted copper and brass tableware. It's a beautiful way to pay an ode to the craft of our land. Our design team works in close collaboration with calligraphers and copper craftsmen in Karachi. From reed pen to copper qalai, we take a multidisciplinary approach to design and try to integrate the beauty of craft into creating an elevated dining experience. This creates a layered, multi-sensory dining experience that if experienced mindfully, can allow us to feel more connected with our own heritage.


3. What kind of cuisine do you offer and why? 

It started off with an exchange of oral recipes upon a visit to Yemen once upon a time. When the taste of Yemeni Mandi was described to the head chef as a mix of various herbs and exotic herbs. The experiment to create a recipe from the memory of travel utilizing local herbs led to the birth of something beautiful, the Sofrazar pilaf and that was the beginning of it all. Sofrazar specializes in Middle eastern inspired cuisine and South Asian heritage dishes. We attempt to celebrate the beautiful exchange and concoction of herbs from the middle eastern region and its cross-collaboration with South Asian cuisine. Creating a beautiful familiarity with a layer of newness.


5.What are your specialties on the menu? 

The Pilafs are something quite magical and indulgent. The classic Sofrazar pilaf is where it all started. The crown roast with the Sofrazar pilaf is our crown jewel!

6.Your social media seems to highlight a lot of Mughal themes, is that in some way related to the food? 

We celebrate a lost but eternal heritage that defines who we are. We attempt to chase our identity through food. The Mughals were culinary masterminds with the Mughlai kitchen being a site for experimentation. We celebrate that zest for life and penchant for experimentation and that’s why we celebrate the aesthetics of that time period.

7.Who is the head chef and what do they love most about cooking? And when did they learn how to cook?

Our head chef is an inspired soul who experiments in the kitchen from stories and travels back and forth from the Middle East. For them, the kitchen is like a studio for an artist or a lab for a scientist!

8. Your delivery service is going strong, do you plan on opening your own restaurant soon? If so, where? 

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a dining experience that can be shared and mobilized. For clients to be able to enjoy the Sofrazar spread on their own dining tables, allows for the magic to be created in various spaces. Hence we are quite happy with our approach thus far, however, who knows what the future holds!

9. What’s your definition of the perfect meal? 

Wiped clean plates, a full appetite, and endless hearty laughter.

10. What’s up next in the pipeline for Sofrazar? 

Daavatnama is a catering brand that has been launched by us. It allows us to showcase our love for craft and a desire for drama on a larger scale. The theatrics of the dining experience is what we wish to celebrate with this. For the culinary experience to be so beautiful that the memory of it is etched in the minds of those who experience it, forever.


11.How can people contact you? 

We have various channels of communication. We are active on various popular social media channels such as Whatsapp and Instagram, otherwise, we are always a google search away!

Sofrazar is currently operating through its delivery service and has officially launched its catering brand Daavatnama as an ode to its culture and heritage through the language of food. Since the food service brand prides itself on being apart from the rest, Sofrazar’s Daavatnama had its first showcasing with delicious food along with a performance by Ali Hamza singing the celebrated words of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Since the brand has a special love for culture and shared food, we’re sure to see more of such events from the food service providers.

Curating a luxurious catering experience for weddings and parties, the food vendors ensure some pretty delicious food along with delightful catering. If you’ve been craving cuisine that feels like home yet has flavors from around the world, or if you’ve been looking for a catering service that will take your festive eateries to another level, this is your sign to try Sofrazar! 

To place your orders, call: +923080633008 

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