Sarwat Gilani: Joining Hands For a Good Cause

Sarwat Gilani: Joining Hands For a Good Cause

Helping others has become Sarwat Gilani’s mantra. This year the pretty actor signed up to be part of a couple of philanthropic causes to support those less privileged. 

‘Whether it is the heroes who run NGO’s or the Special Olympics’ heroes who bring back tremendous respect and hope for Pakistan, they should be all be recognised,’ she says.

Sarwat is very optimistic about seeing Pakistan’s problems in a positive light.

‘Sometimes we are disappointed about the way our country is run and the incidents that take place every day on our streets, in our schools and even in our homes. Often we wear a blindfold and miss out on the good things that occur and don’t encourage them. But there are people out there working for the greater good and they are the ones who need to come out in the limelight.’

Last week Sarwat gave her support to Sensodyne’s #ReasonsToSmile campaign promoting the positive aspects of Pakistan and its beautiful people by sharing inspiring stories from across the country. The event at Port Grand, included the screening of a series of films to celebrate stories of Pakistanis who break barriers and give this country a reason to smile.

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‘I often think about what a roller coaster ride life is, with its highs and lows, good phases and then its bad ones, but true success is when we manage to fight those difficulties, adapt to them and find light in even the darkest tunnels.’

She feels that her role in supporting a good cause resonates well with her ambitions.

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‘As someone from the media industry, being a part of films, videos and off-screen movements is ongoing and they spread positive messages to influence our society. I meet inspirational human beings who go out of their way to help others and get no credit for it, so its time these stories are told. Through this campaign I am hopeful that I will be able to bring these heroes out in the open, for everyone to see. Campaigns such as this that recognise the selfless acts of hardworking individuals truly inspire me and gel with my overall objective of being a responsible entertainer.’

At this event, the socially responsible brand released short films on the daily journeys and work of four remarkable change-makers; Tahera Hasan who takes kids off the streets and provides them a place to play; Samina Mehboob, a teacher; Adil Lahorei who celebrates and promotes the culture of androon Lahore; and Virji who helps nurture life in the depths of the desert.

‘The films gave me the liberty to discover more stories, go on a journey with more amazing people, understand what they do, why they do it and how they do it,’ she says. ‘I would encourage more organisations to take up such causes because acts of kindness, that go unnoticed, affect our entire society and to recognise and encourage them is our responsibility.’



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