Shozab Raza Bokhari, CEO of Digital Baba Marketing Agency, describes the five significant difficulties that the aviation industry would confront following Covid.

Shozab Raza Bokhari, CEO of Digital Baba Marketing Agency, describes the five significant difficulties that the aviation industry would confront following Covid.

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Shozab Raza now actively promotes Pakistan's aviation sector, stating that Pakistan's aviation industry would be the leading aviation industry in the next ten years, based on his considerable knowledge and study. He went on to say that Pakistan has five new prospective airlines that would begin operations in the near future. One of them, "Alvir Air," which is the most eagerly anticipated by the public, will continue operations this year, ensuring that Pakistan's aviation sector remains the greatest in the world. Aside from Alvir Air, another planned aviation line, shortly to be branded as Fly Jinnah, is set to begin operations within the country in the near future.

Shozab Raza has high hopes for Pakistan's aviation sector, particularly Pakistan International Airlines, stating proudly that Pakistan International Airlines has many advantages that will contribute to its success, two of which are less travel and more passengers, both of which complement and support each other on the way to success. Shozab Raza has such high expectations because he feels Pakistan has a fantastic economic sector, which would be the primary reason for the tourist industry's growth. He believes that by combining these two areas, Pakistan would be able to get the greatest worldwide renown and money to prepare for the future.

With Shozab's knowledge of the aviation business, he listed some significant difficulties that the industry is experiencing with Covid, including ticket costs. Several airlines have had to borrow substantial quantities of money to be viable and deal with significant daily cash burn rates, he explained. Thanks to state-provided subsidies, credit lines, and bond issuances, the industry will have accumulated more than $180 billion in debt by 2020. As a result, he said, airlines would surely hike their charges and ticket prices will explode in order to cover the difference.

Second, he warned that the aircraft market may be oversupplied for a while. Aeroplane manufacturers expanded manufacturing in the years running up to COVID-19, he stated, anticipating continued demand. As a result, there is an excess of planes on the market. Furthermore, after abandoning the long-haul market, numerous carriers, such as Norwegian Air Shuttle, have returned relatively new aircraft to lessors. The cost of leasing a used aircraft has decreased and is likely to continue to decrease. The monthly lease payment for a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft from 2016 was almost $1.2 million in 2019. By 2020, the rate is predicted to be less than $800,000. There are new planes on the market at lower rates, according to reports.

Third, he identified fuel pricing as a big issue, stressing that fuel is one of the most essential aspects in the aviation industry. The aircraft sector is on the verge of failing as global fuel costs climb day by day, resulting in substantial changes in ticket prices as well as the aviation industry's manpower rationing.

Fourth, he stated that downsizing is a problem, claiming that during the recession, all of the world's leading airlines slashed their employees and reduced wages by 40 to 50 percent in order to stay afloat. Although there are fewer job openings in the region presently, and many highly competent personnel are available, the fundamental issue is that there is no clear career path for young people who wish to work in aviation due to the large number of highly educated jobless aviation experts.

The last issue he discussed was Aviation and the Internet, noting that the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on airlines is impossible to exaggerate. In 2020, the sector is predicted to generate $328 billion in revenue, up 40% over the previous year. In nominal terms, this is the same as it was in 2000. Although the sector is expected to shrink, digital media offers a way to fully remove marketing costs.

We may employ the most up-to-date technologies in the ticketing sector. Mr Shozab Raza Bokhari, the CEO of the Digital Baba marketing business, has vowed to provide free promotion for many new ways to assist the aviation sector grow.

Shozab discussed the issues in great detail, and we are all intrigued and eager for his future, viewing his path as lessons and inspiration and hoping that he would one day arrive at his objective.




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