Brilliant, Beautiful and Versatile – A Conversation with Eshal Fayyaz

Brilliant, Beautiful and Versatile – A Conversation with Eshal Fayyaz

The talented Eshal Fayyaz talks about her inspiring journey into the entertainment industry and her experiences playing diverse roles in TV dramas and film.


Tell us about how you got into the entertainment industry. What inspired you to begin?

After completing my A-Levels, I immediately began my modelling career. I had the chance to take part in numerous fashion shows as well as photo shoots and commercials for TV. I eventually began receiving offers for a variety of roles in TV dramas as well.

Your performances have been amazing, and your hard work has paid off. Can you tell us about the drama series ‘Abro’ where you got your big break?

‘Abro’ undoubtedly marked a turning point in my professional life. ‘Abro’, the main protagonist I played, was a brave and confident girl who spoke up for herself. The character and my portrayal of her were well received by the audience, which contributed to my rise to fame in dramas.

In your dramas, you've played a variety of roles, from a young woman who was weak and vulnerable to a happy, rebellious girl. Which character, in your opinion, has presented the greatest challenge?

Every character has their own challenges, but ‘Kehkashan's’ role in the drama series ‘Pehchaan’ was quite difficult. It required me to play an antagonist, which was new for me. However, I embraced the challenge and was able to give the character a strong sense of individuality.

Your performance as ‘Neeli’ in ‘Bebasi’ was one of your most admired roles. Can you give us some background on the role and how you prepared for it?

‘Neeli’ was an enthusiastic young girl who defied norms with her carefree spirit. It was difficult to play the part since I had to keep the character's perspective upbeat and lighthearted despite difficult situations in her life. In order to grasp the character's motivations and give an authentic portrayal, I worked closely with the director and the other actors to prepare for this character.

In 2020, you made your movie debut with ‘Kaaf Kangana’. How did you find the experience?

I had a fantastic time. It was an honour to work on a project of this caliber, as the famed writer Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar wrote the screenplay. I received a lot of praise for both my performance in the movie and the on-screen chemistry Sami Khan and I shared.

How was working in a film different from working in TV dramas?

Working in a film was new to me, but it was fascinating to be a part of such a huge project and later see yourself on the big screen. It was unquestionably an exhilarating yet challenging experience, and I got to work with some incredible actors. Filming took extra time, but it was totally worth it.

What can we anticipate from you in the future given all of your past success?

I intend to keep pushing myself with a variety of roles and showing my versatility as an actress. I am excited for people to see a couple of my upcoming projects, about which I am very excited. We're eager to find out what you have in store for us!