Positivity is the key to beauty, says Saba Qamar

Positivity is the key to beauty, says Saba Qamar
It’s not easy being Saba Qamar. Not only is she a Pakistani model and actress, she is crossing the border to shoot her debut Bollywood film in India.

Even though it’s fascinating to see her flawless image on television, she reveals that there is no secret to her beauty other than taking care of her health.

Modern nutritionists have made it a point to raise awareness of the importance of drinking more water. Saba fully endorses the idea as she drinks a lot of water and juices regularly. She also focuses on a healthy diet in which she incorporates fresh fruits.

Talking to H! Pakistan, Saba highlighted the significance of both mental and physical health. She shared that she works out quite often to stay in shape and looking at her recent physique it is surely working wonders for her.

Qamar is a firm believer in being beautiful on the inside and out, which can be achieved through inner happiness and positivity.

“I believe in positivity. If a person is positive and happy from the inside it will reflect on their faces and they will look beautiful”, she said.

Given her new career ventures, there’s no doubt why Saba is brimming with positivity. Let's see what Saba Qamar surprises us with next.

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