A Glimpse Into The Lives Of The Renowned Chundrigar Sisters: Aysha Chundrigar and Sonia Chundrigar

A Glimpse Into The Lives Of The Renowned Chundrigar Sisters: Aysha Chundrigar and Sonia Chundrigar

Having a sister is like having a best friend that was given to you by destiny, it was written in the stars. Sisters share a bond that is deeper than most and nothing is quite a force than two powerhouse sisters who want to change the world with their distinct talents. Founder and CEO of Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation better known as ACF Animal Rescue, has always praised her sister, the creative visionary artist Sonia Chundrigar for being her source of strength and inspiration throughout her life and career. We got a chance to talk to both the powerhouses for an exclusive interview to get some details about what the brilliant sisters are like together and what life was like growing up:


1.Tell us more about your sister.

Ans: My sister is a kinder, much more patient, and more loving version of me. We are eerily similar yet poles apart. 

2.What similarities and differences are there between you? 

Ans: We are both introverts, deeply empathic, and very self-aware. We pick up on the same things and react almost similarly. We both have a very dark, dry sense of humor, nothing is off-limits to make fun of and laugh at. We can laugh at ourselves at all times and never get offended. 

I’m restless and always need to keep doing something. I have this urgency to live that feeds into my existential angst of finding meaning in life. That’s where my ambition comes from. Yes, I eat her head talking about such things. 

I am also a bit of a risk-taker-when I was younger, I was reckless, now it’s more calculated. She’s a lot more shy than I am in that way. But she’s always holding my hand since I was a kid as I explore my crazy dreams of saving the world. 

She is far more laidback and relaxed. Her sons are the center of her universe and family means everything to her. She’s also an excellent cook and goes to the greatest lengths making her sons the best costumes for Halloween and birthday parties and is that mummy whose house is the fun house for all the kids. 

3.Your sister is an artist, is there any particular style or medium she likes to explore? 

Ans: Drip paint, layering, abstract and minimal on large-scale canvases. 

4.What was it like growing up together? How has your relationship evolved since you were kids? 

Ans: It’s one of those things where when you’re younger, the older siblings are closer but as you grow up, cerebral connection bridges the gap that age tried to pull apart in adolescence. 

5.Have you ever collaborated or plan on collaborating with each other? 

Ans: We’ve always wanted to do something where she creates the framework and I perform. I’ve always been the actress who loves the stage 

 she’s always been the artist who creates that stage for me. 

6.How did you take such a different path even though you grew up in the same household? 

Ans: You know what they say, you can grow up in the same house and yet live completely different lives. Most siblings can vouch for that. 

7. Did you always know Ayesha was going to go into animal welfare? When did you notice her affinity for animal rights?

Ans: Her love for animals, in fact for the underdog, was evident since the moment she could walk. But to the extent that she has gone, she has made us all proud. 

She’s never been a talker. Always a doer. A lot of people love animals. But very few people have the heart and brain to manifest it into something so beautiful. 

8.When did you first notice your sister's artistic talents? Did you always know she wanted to be an artist? 

Ans: From the perfect way she would wrap brown paper on our notebooks in school to her immaculately writing her name on it. While I would tear the paper in frustration and get scotch tape stuck in my hair. She would do all of ours, thankfully. 

9.Can you share some final thoughts about your sister now that you’re seeing them all grown up?

Ans: We still feel like we’re 12 and 16-year-olds navigating our way around this big bad ever-changing world. One of the only constants we have is each other. 

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