Dumbbells and Dining: FZM's Guide To Manoeuvring The Feasts This Party Season!

Dumbbells and Dining: FZM's Guide To Manoeuvring The Feasts This Party Season!
The winter party season is upon us...don't fear the pizza and the pasta! Instead, follow my dining guide to eat your cake and have it too!

  • Watch your portions. Use your hand to indicate the ideal amount of your macro-nutrients at each meal: a portion of protein equals to the size of your palm; carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread) the size of a clenched fist; as much fruits and vegetables as you can fit in one cupped hand; and fat that is equivalent to a quarter of your thumb!

  • Before going to an event, nibble on a nutritionally balanced snack to keep cravings and over-eating at bay. A handful of almonds with 2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt is an amazing pre-party snack: it has protein, good carbs and healthy fats to banish hunger pangs and moderate your appetite.

  • Never go to dinner on an empty stomach! You don't want to be so famished that you devour the entire bread basket. As aforementioned, snack intelligently beforehand to preemptively  strike against an unnecessary binge. No one reaches for the salad when they are ravenous!

  • Sometimes, we mistake hunger for thirst. So make sure you drink water before the meal and are drinking at least 12 to 16 glasses throughout the day. Water naturally cleanses your body, boosts your metabolism and is essential for glowing skin!

  • Try to eat your calories instead of drinking them. A mojito is packed with sugar as is a fruit juice. When you drink your calories, it leads to an instant spike in blood sugar levels which then contributes to unstable insulin levels. To lose weight and keep it off, it's essential to stabilise insulin levels.

  • Be like the French. Eat intuitively and stop when full. Taste everything to satisfy the craving and don't feel guilty about it. At FZM Boutique Fitness, we hate the concept of the 'cheat meal' because it implies that all other meals are boring. Nutrition is deeply linked to gratification: when you start enjoying each meal and indulging in quality cuisine, your body does not crave junk. Even so, if you want to taste a cupcake, do it. Food is not the enemy, over-eating is!

  • Finally, don't make it all about the food. Find another way to reward yourself.  Book a body pampering treatment or buy yourself something you love instead of treating yourself with a burger after a long day at work.

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